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  • Books Q2.2018

    I read or listen at least one book per two weeks. I want to share the list with you. First of all it is always worth to recommend good book. Second I hope you could help me. Please write your suggestion into comments. Books from Q1 This quarter list: Time Management Made Simple by Brian […]

  • Grail Quest to find where went our productivity to (part two) ?

    In Part one we talked about problems with productivity instead of great support from community, adding more resources, introducing scurm or other lean processes. We end up with resource efficiency (engineers), today we follow the next problem with throughput.  In every company there are more project, more important things to do than people. The number of projects […]

  • JIRA Tuning – part one

    There was a time when I did some JVM tuning. It’s time to reactivate the part of the brain responsible for this activity. The key principle is to prepare a baseline. What is it? The baseline refers to: the first measuring mechanisms (np. gc.log) – we should measure on different levels (cpu, I/O, database etc) […]

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