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Books from last quarter – part one.

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I read or listen at least one book per two weeks. I want to share the list with you. First of all it is always worth to recommend good book. Second I hope you could help me. Please write your suggestion into comments. Thanks and happy reading. This quarter list: Crossing the charm by Geoffrey A. […]

Grail Quest to find where went our productivity to (part three) ?

In Part one we talked about problems with productivity, when adding more resources, introducing better processes like scurm don’t help. In Part two we focus on Work In Progress, when paradoxically  the more we want to do, the less actually work is done. In order to fix Work in Progress of the team, we often what to […]

Grail Quest to find where went our productivity to (part two) ?

In Part one we talked about problems with productivity instead of great support from community, adding more resources, introducing scurm or other lean processes. We end up with resource efficiency (engineers), today we follow the next problem with throughput.  In every company there are more project, more important things to do than people. The number of projects […]

Grail Quest to find where went our productivity to?

I had talked with friend, he was worried that his team was not delivering so fast that he was expected. He used to be a programmer, he is a manager today, and he remembers that “at that time” he delivers much faster, than it is delivered right now. He is confused because after all, the […]

Monitoring and metrics – Yes, of course.

I always try to convince everybody to measure. The first reaction are very different, but after a while everyone come back and says “Wow! I didn’t realize how helpful metrics can be”. I’ve watched video: “Using Monitoring and Metrics to Learn in Development”  (by Patrick Debois from Atlassian) with pleasure. I use Atlassian tools and talk with few […]

skipfish – fast, easy and simple

Skipfish is google code project. It is web application security scanner, high speed (they claim 2000 requests per second* – * – at local LAN :)) and due the fact it is command line tool without fancy wizards, options and so on, it is relatively easy to use, and for sure it is easy to […]


VisualVm performance tuning tool

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Few weeks ago I’ve got Performance Tuning Training made by Kirk. It was great time for me and great training. If you can manage such training go there. You won’t regret it. After this training I’ve got some deeper knowledge about performance tuning and performance tuning tools. One of such tool is VisualVm.  If you […]


AOSD – Finally Thoughts

We started with Keynote by John A. Stankovic from Universtity of Virginia, it was really cool keynote. He talk about defense system  The dynamics aspects where use to implement mechanism “right defense at the right time”. He describe real life problems with messages encryption, power management and sensor localization. The localization problem comes from that […]


AOSD Conference Day

The conference was started by Keynote. Paul Daugherty from Accenture talk about cost, and how they try to reduce it. 91 from top 100 companies are Accenture’s clients. They have consultants on every place in The Earth. He told that about 60% of cost goes to maintenance and keep live system. The solution is to […]

AOSD – Part One

This year I choose as my conference 8th International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development it is rather no commercial conference, and now I know it’s for sure not commercial, probably I’m only one from industry, other fellows are from Universities and so on. It is amazing experience. First the trip from New York to Charlottesville, […]


Testing – do we have to?

Reliability is the core of good testing. As we know our systems are made from many objects/components. Our system is as reliable as components on which it is build. It obvious that when our components are n percent reliable and we have k components our system is (n/100)^k percent reliable. We can quickly realize that […]


SD West – last day

SD WEST – day two

SD West – the begining

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