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Pedro Newsletter 29.11.2011

How to write Confluence plugin for SaaS. Google I/O 2012 extended to three days (June 27-29). pagekite – Bring your localhost servers on-line. Sounds good, when you want to show current Scrum result for your client. Solr/Lucene 3.5 was released. Evolution of Google Search 14 years in six minutes.


Pedro Newsletter 28.11.2011

2011 Google Developers Days (slides). GeoGebra – Free mathematics software for learning and teaching. Rails Good practice 1.5 was released. Five Hours with ThoughtWorks Go. Node.js style guide


Pedro Newsletter 25.11.2011

Thoughts on 2011 ONCIX Report. Every security professional should read that. Spring Roo 1.20.RC1 was released with PrimeFaces 3 support. Faster Bamboo Dashboard with Plan Labels. Grails: wildcard search on two fields. Key announcements from Oracle World.


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