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Pedro Newsletter 31.05.2011

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Two useful classes for fetching via HTTP (JSON or XML). chartify – meet the jQuery plugin for charts (using Google Charts). goldberg – Continuous Integration server for bundler user. Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends To 150. Sad but true :/. Video about Rails internals: OrderedOptions. The Architecture of Open Source Applications – free online book. […]


Pedro Newsletter 30.05.2011

Quit your job and find your work. Great TEDx talk. iCloud from apple, rumor is hotter as WWDC is closer Sonar 2.8 was released. Lift book for free.


Pedro Newsletter 27.05.2011

Lower cost 3G Kindle from 164$. Interview with Russ Olsen author of “Eloquent ruby” People Widget from Google. How to check if your iPhone App has been run. PrimeFaces Spring Code Generation. Maven 3 knows how to generate java EE6 project. Second Day of Offsite Seminars was Awesome!


Pedro Newsletter 26.05.2011

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Happy Mother’s Day. Leaflet – JavaScript library for interactive maps for browsers. Mining patterns in search data with Google Correlate. How to get from weekend idea to funded startup – grate video from Google I/O. JRuby on AppCloud. DepthJS allows any web page to interact with the Microsoft Kinect using Javascript. Sounds great. Free of […]


Pedro Newsletter 25.05.2011

Is startups weaker and weaker? I don’t think so, but there are smarter people in this area than me: Disappointed by #TCDisrupt Startups. Amazon RDS for Oracle Database now we can choice MySQL or Oracle. Evolving the JMS specification. You will find brief overview and some expert group member suggestion on JSR343. delivereads – Get […]


Pedro Newsletter 24.05.2011

JavaScript linux console. Evernote Architecture – 9 Million users and 150 million requests a day. gwt-eye-candy – collection of professional-looking widgets. Mule iON – first integration Paas.


Pedro Newsletter 23.05.2011

Google Talk now talks with AIM. Cloud computing is no longer technology of the future. The Future of The WWW, now we are entering Modern Web (web2.0 + html5 + mobile devices + cloud computing + real-time). Pix4D – another level of mapping. Rails 3.1 release candidate.


Pedro Newsletter 20.05.2011

How to Make a space Shooter on IPhone. Commit Search and Viewer in eGit 1.0. Alex’s Git Tip of the Week: Reflogs. Git and backup – some possible solutions.


Pedro Newsletter 19.05.2011

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Surprising Truth about Kanban Improvements: PaweĊ‚ presentation from GOTO Copenhagen Conference. Apple wants smaller SIM cards, that is good news. Work smarter with Google Apps. Some useful templates. Case Study for Continuous Delivery in the Cloud. AWS Security White Paper [PDF] and AWS Risk and Compliance White Paper [PDF]. Getting Started with Spring Data Graph […]


Pedro Newsletter 18.05.2011

Upcoming Agile Conferences. Five Static Code Audits Every Developer Should Know and Use – interesting talk. Spring Roo 1.1.4 was released. This is fix release over 90 JIRAs. If you ever wondering, what I exactly do today, read this two sentence blog post by Seth. MyEclipse G – The IDE for Google Cloud Developers. VMWare […]


Pedro Newsletter 17.05.2011

Typesafe: This will be Scala Mecca. Scala IDE is on the way. Peter Gromov on IntelliJ’s Groovy support. PlayStation Network returns after 26 days :/. Continuous Deployment with Bamboo and Tomcat. Vaadin 6.6 was shipped with Google Web Toolkit 2.3. Rails Antipatterns – worth to watch free part. IntelliJ Idea 10.5 was finally released with […]


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