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Pedro Newsletter 31.01.2011

For all who are thinking about scalability, this is great article you must read: Causality of scalability. After I read this article I have better understanding what scalability is. Google Earth goes to 3D: California Bay Area. Honeycomb (Android 3.0) is focused on Tablets. First look on API. 13 tools which may help you with […]


Spring Data – Redis – tutorial

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Spring Data project provides a solution to access data stored in new emerging technologies like NoSQL databases, cloud based services etc. When we look into SpringSource git repository we see a lot of spring-data projects: spring-data-commons: common interfaces and utility class for other spring-data projects. spring-data-column: support for column based databases. It has not started […]

Pedro Newsletter 28.01.2011

Backbone.js introduction part 1: Models and Collections, part 2: Controllers and Views. Google APIs & Developers Products. Awesome! Easy Rails on Windows installation.


Pedro Newsletter 27.01.2011

Google contribution to Science. Great Job Google! Awesome: Seth Godin: The shell game of delight. I think about buying e-book reader: Two competitors described in details: An In-Depth Comparison of the Kindle DX Vs. iPad as Reading Devices. Clever Algorithms: Free Book


Pedro Newsletter 26.01.2011

More stuff from Amazon: Introducing the Amazon Simple Email Service. Java as Enterprise Cobol, I like this The Future Of Java. HTML5 Wish List: I have to admit that better debugging tools for mobile device would be really really … helpful. Great Stackoverflow Python and Ruby comparison.


Pedro Newsletter 25.01.2011

Must watch: Continuous Deployment 50 Times a Day. Every one of us have three different ways to make people do they job. Lots and lots of links for cocos2d library: cocos2d Linkapalooza. More and more people are thinking about moving from java somewhere (eg. Scala), here you find information about moving from Java to Scala […]


Pedro Newsletter 24.01.2011

Bamboo 3.0 beta. Continuous Deployment is closer and closer. Git support is also great news for me plus some UI tweaks. Ruby gem for Google Url shortening. I was writing about Google URL Shortener API. How to live longer: Dan Buettner: “How to live to be 100”. If you can buy it, do it your […]


Pedro Newsletter 21.01.2011

AMD enters embedded market. Ace – code editor written in JavaScript. I love the way JavaScript power was unchained. What’s new in Spring Integration – SpringOne talk. Looking for conference to go: here you will find, why you should go to Pycon.


Pedro Newsletter 20.01.2011

Amazon entered to PaaS with Elastic Beanstalk. This is application development and deployment container. Currently for java developers, so monthly payment for EC2 t1.mirco plus Elastic Load Balancing plus 8GB of Elastic Block Store plus S3 1G for war file and about 15GB bandwidth will cost 37.22$, it is rather cheep as Java hosting. And […]


Pedro Newsletter 19.01.2011

For Django users: Jacob Kaplan-Moss django deployment workshop. Building new site? It is better to keep user passwords as hashes, so it is better to understand security behind hashes: Understanding Hash Functions and Keeping Passwords Safe. HeyWatch on AWS – it is powerful video encoding platform. Stunex story continued: Did a US government lab help […]


Pedro Newsletter 18.01.2011

Never, ever stole hacker’s computer: Don’t fuck with hacker’s machine. Sanitize 2.0.0 was released. Most important change for this ruby html filtering library is transformers, check this out. Another episode of “OH No, It;s Monday 2011-01-17“, Yep that is true newsletter! There is a log way before mine.


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Google URL Shortener API

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