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After JavaTechKonf

Ok, the conference is over, we have good time on JavaTechKonf after party I worry about Merlin fellows, because they go home, and as they said they are to tired to go with us. In my opinion Tomek and Piotr was greatest on the conference. Redmat, yep this is the main process thread. What can […]


JavaTechConf 2007

I’m on JavaTechConf now. The first presentation was about Apache Geronimo. Great Stuff. Jacek as always was so talkative that he run out time. His example didn’t work and it was a lot of fan. Next presentation was my favorite because it was presented by friend of mine. Tomek was great, good jokes makes fun […]


Gone with redmat

The adventure of Redmat stops here. There’s no Redmat anymore. Fuckable world ….



There are everywhere, please stop them or …. maybe use them ?. The widgets are useful small programs run on top on widget engine. For someone who must use windows it’s a killer feature. Thanks to them you can enhance your pulpit and do many things you can’t in pure Windows installation. This is the […]


The JavaOne is over

The hot topic on java one was Java Business Integration. Tibco has demonstrated ActiveMatrix 1.0, Sun has it’s JSR 208 (JBI) reference implementation called OpenESB, and what’s important JSR 312 JBI 2.0 has just begun. DWR 2.0 is nearly out. It’s have three improvements: dynamic JS generation from Java, asynchronous messages from server, and security […]


Some news after may long weekend

MooTools have just released version 1.1, What is MooTools ? From MooTools site „MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework designed to make writing extensible and compatible code easier and faster. MooTools lets you get the job done efficiently and effectively.” In version 1.1 they have optimized speed, added demos. In my opinion when […]