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Pedro Newsletter 24.11.2011

Security spending will increased. Great news. What Makes a Good Retrospective. First Lego League. Doom 3 Code on GitHub (GPL) Serializable dynamic Proxy. – Publishing for writers who love Markdown and Dropbox. For me this sounds really good. And Now For Something Completely Different: iPad 3 predictions.


Pedro Newsletter 23.11.2011

Things you can code with SQL – awesome presentation (pdf). Introduction to Spring Data neo4j (video). Alex’s Git Tip of the Week: Git BigJobbies. Cryptography Class at Stanford. SubGit – smooth SVN to Git migration.


Pedro Newsletter 22.11.2011

Nice list of 15 tenets for software engineer. Read everyday till you remember it. Node.js v0.8 roadmap. JIRA 5 Early Access with Stable API. If you want to write ebook, please answer this questions. Smooth CoffeeScript – free ebook.


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