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Pedro Newsletter 21.11.2011

Discussion with Seth Godin about the Future of Books. New Rails version (3.1.2 and 3.1.3 🙂 and 3.0.11) were released, as XSS vulnerability. jQuery Mobile 1.0 final was released. Kanban Exercise – worth to check this out. Looking back on 2011. And Now For Something Completely Different: Rayman Origins – that’s the game.


Pedro Newsletter 18.11.2011

Google Music is no longer beta. Microsoft Surface tablet is ready for pre-order (only 8400$). EC2 instance monitoring. Wicket 1.5 was released. Apache Tika – content analysis tool.


Pedro Newsletter 17.11.2011

The world is changing: Polyglot Persistence. Google Plugin for Eclipse is now open source. Alex’s Git Tip of The Week: GC and Pruning. Jobs wanted own network with unlicensed spectrum. That’s awesome idea! SVGKit – SVG files as Core Animation. TestNG survey results – have to read.


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