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Spring Template Objects Testing

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My friend asked me, how we should test this piece of code public void fire(final NotificationMessage message) { jmsTemplate.send(new MessageCreator() { @Override public Message createMessage(Session session) throws JMSException { return session.createObjectMessage(message); } }); } Mock, stubs, arguments matchers are not successful here. Of course we can mock jmsTemplate, verify if send method was executed, but […]

skipfish – fast, easy and simple

Skipfish is google code project. It is web application security scanner, high speed (they claim 2000 requests per second* – * – at local LAN :)) and due the fact it is command line tool without fancy wizards, options and so on, it is relatively easy to use, and for sure it is easy to […]

RunWith helps JUnit

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When we want to test with Junit4 we can spot some problems. Firstly I thought that this is a maven-surefire-plugin problem, but as I dig into, the problem shows in JUnit runner. We track this problem on simple example. We create simple project. $ mvn archetype:generate We move to the project and we run test […]