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Decorators by Python

Lately, I’m using Django. So I also learn Python. And I found that python is very clean and nice language. As we know Python allows that function can also be a parameter to another function. So code similar to this is ok. def decorator(fun): print fun.__name__ def my_fun(): print “hello world” decorator(my_fun) But Python provides […]


Django tutorial finished

Yep it’s finished. In my opinion django is worth knowing. It’s easy as RoR, but you always have control about what’s going on. You must watch out about python syntax it’s sometimes not obvious that you have one space extra and code doesn’t work. Last part of tutorial was about forms it normal, I think. […]


Django 3rd day

Now Django has no chance. After admin panel my expectation are very high. But once again I was wrong. Today tutorial 4, I didn’t achieve tutorial 4 because i play basketball and I’ve got appointment tomorrow about 7 a.m. OK, URL managing, in my opinion it’s better than RoR because you have full control about […]


Django admin rulez

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Holly dolly After I generate django project there was so little files. All Ruby on Rails script directory is in, setting in quit simple. Four files, it amazing. Today I’ve got some time to look at tutorial2. And I don’t believe it, just can believe, the django admin application is marvelous. I don’t […]


Django first meeting ;)

Ok I finished bootstrap meeting. It’s time to look at django framework. Some years ago I try python, and I think it’s worth knowing. Let’s see django. Django requires python 2.3+ so I check my machine. pedro@pedrowaty: ~ -V Python 2.4.4 Bingo. Let’s follow installation instruction, get django tarball. pedro@pedrowaty: ~ wget tar xzvf […]