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SpringSource – Developing Rich Web Applications with Spring

Today I’ve just finished a training from SpringSource about developing Rich Web Developing. Our trainee was Marten Denium. This was very nice training and one day we go with Marten to CK Oberza. It was quite nice time, and we get some information about Spring 3.0, maintenance policy, Spring Tool Suite and of course about how Marten was recruited, how his daily job look like ( with some interesting story)

The training is very nice and if you have occasion to have it, just get it, a bonus added is that when SpringSource will finish certification path so thanks to this you get free voucher. We also get this certificate.

The training consist of SpringMVC topic, WebFlow, Spring-JS, JSF with Spring-Faces, Spring Security and many more. You can read detailed information here.

Also during the training Lukasz asked many questions Marten defended quite nice but form time to time we have right, as Marten said today it was the first time when he has so detailed and refreshing question( usually he has question that he can answer to them “Read the funking manual” 🙂 .

During one of the lab I found bug (thanks to firebug) and rose it in JIRA. Martin added comment which I want to also added after I rose this issue. Nice training, and Marten is OK.

Springframework and Hibernate Training

I’ve just agreed with my boss to conduct training. The training will be provided by myself. Here is brief outline of the training. If you have some suggestion, I will be very obligated.

* Spring IoC

  • Introduction
  • Resource Abstraction
  • Bean Lifecycles
  • Lifecycle callbacks
  • Lab 1
  • Factory Bean
  • Method Injection
  • Alternative Injection Strategies
  • Lab 2
  • Bean Inheritance
  • Autowire
  • Bean Scopes
  • Lab 3
  • Property Editors
  • Post Processors
  • Lab 4

* Spring AOP

  • Introduction
  • Declaring Advice
  • Declaring Pointcut
  • Lab 1
  • Proxying Mechanism
  • Schema base AOP vs @AspectJ
  • Lab 2
  • Lab 3

And Day Two:

* iBatis

  • When to use
  • How to use
  • Lab 1

* Hibernate

  • Introduction
  • O/R Mismatch
  • HibernateTemplate
  • HibernateDaoSupport
  • Lab 1
  • Transaction
  • Lab 2
  • Subclass mapping
  • UserTypes
  • Polimorfic Queries
  • Lab 3
  • HQL, Criteria, DetachedCriteria
  • Filters
  • Object state
  • Lock/Update/Merge/Flush
  • FlushMode
  • Detached Object
  • LockModes
  • Lab 4
  • LazyLoading
  • Fetch Joins
  • Advanced Collections (Bag/Set…)
  • Lab 5
  • Interceptors
  • Listeners
  • Second LeveL Cache
  • Batch Operation
  • Lab 6

Please give me some feedback, and of course I will share with you if I spot something interesting.