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Books from last quarter – part one.

I read or listen at least one book per two weeks. I want to share the list with you. First of all it is always worth to recommend good book. Second I hope you could help me. Please write your suggestion into comments. Thanks and happy reading.

This quarter list:

Crossing the charm

The must read for everyone involved in high tech industry. From the book you will learn about five stages of technology adoption, and how you need to have different attitude for marketing and selling.



Key Takeaways:

  1. “Early adopters” want a change agent. “Early majority” looks for productivity improvement for existing operations (you need to be better somehow).
  2. Elevator Speech Template – “For …. (target customers)  , who are dissatisfied with  ……..(the current market alternative). Our product is a  ………….. (new product category) unlike ………………(the product alternative). We have assembled …………..(key whole product features).
  3. segmentation, segmentation and segmentation.
    1. Enthusiast – “Name it and frame it”
    2. Visionary – “Who for and what for”
    3. Pragmatist – “Competition and differentiation”
    4. Conservatism – “Financials and future plans”

What Got You Here – Won’t Get You There

Some time ago I had a training it was great and helped me get better. The most used phrase during this training was the title of Goldsmith book – “what got you here, won’t get you there”. This book is must have! I will just put one key takeaway here, because you have to read this book to get “Twenty Habits That Hold You Back”.


Key Takeaways: The only person who stops YOU from the being on the top is YOU.

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

This book is must read for consultants. Want to know how to deal effectively with clients? Read the book. Author by using illustrative examples and case studies help us understand all aspects of consultant job. The book is also for non consultant, as each of us is a consultant at some point in our lives. Finally “Flawless Consulting” is less about how to consult and more about how to communicate.

Key Takeaways:

  • You have to manage the relationship – it is essential to good implementation.
  • Ideas about contract and getting commitment
  • Watch out for unrealistic expectations! (people think you should transform everything overnight)
  • You need to learn them to be able to solve their own problems after you’re gone.

Kobe Bryant. Showman

Creator of the bestseller Michael Jordan. He wrote another great biography of Kobe, who broke into the best basketball league at the age of only 17. Kobe was not only proud of himself eg. when he was asked about Jordan he answered “I’m going to be better than him”, but also extremely hardworking. He always was first at gym, and finished as last one. His live wasn’t easy but through hard work he was one of the best NBA player.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hard work is very important to your success.
  • Shows how our decisions creates our opportunities.
  • Being on the top isn’t dream, you must work even harder.

Critical Business Skills for Success

This course have five parts:

  1. strategy,
  2. operations,
  3. finance and accounting,
  4. organizational behavior
  5. marketing.

Every part is led by business professors from top business schools. In each part you will learn about everything from key terms through methodologies and case studies.

Key Takeaways: It is 60 lessons so it very hard to get key takeaways gere. This course brings MBA experience for you.

Free: the future of radical price

The book is about pricing models which give products and services to customers for free (referred to as “freemium”). The strategy works to attract users and then up-sell them at  premium level. Chris Anderson explores this idea as business strategy for today’s  companies.



Key Takeaways:

  • Sooner or later every company need to figure out how to compete with “Free”.
  • If the price is zero, we all are irrational (it is proved in other books) and take decision much easier.
  • “Generation Free”: Growing up post-Napster, younger generations find copyright irrelevant.

Designing Bots – Creating Conversational Experience

This is very important book to me, as I’m in conversational interfaces business right now. Ideal for designers, product managers and entrepreneurs – you will find out  what works and what doesn’t on real-world bot examples. Author is co creator of Slack messanger so he guide us through different bot platforms based on his experience. If you are interested in conversional interfaces use for your business, than this book is must read.


Key Takeaways:

  • Personality is important, but more important is to keep it consistent across the experience.
  • First things first: Define your bot’s purpose and core functionality.
  • Mainly there are two types of conversations, task-led and topic-led.
  • Use platform specific rich interactions (buttons, images, audio …)
  • When possible do not fall into bot-amnesia.

Next Quarter

Next in Queue 🙂

  • Small Data(audiobook)
  • Meaningful
  • What’s Stopping You?
  • Principles (audiobook)
  • The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.
  • Black Swan  (Andrzej suggestion)
  • … and … feel free to make your suggestions….. in the comments

DevCrowd 2013

This was the 3rd time I was a presenter on the DevCrowd  conference. In fact twice on DevCrowd and once on Java4People. The variety of attendees and presenters was huge, and we saw that all the time: during questions, presentation styles, there were also presentations with meat (I  mean code) and there was a presentation about soft things too.
The venue, as always, was prepared in details, we met at Zachodniopomorski Technical University in Szczecin. The guys from Szczecin JUG did a great job (as always) and prepared for us T-shirts, great lunch, comfortably furnished rooms and last but not least an “After Party”.
Only one question remained: “Will the presenters do a great job too?“.
Let’s make some retrospectives.
  1. Prawo Javy” (ang. The Java Law) – a quite nice presentation. From a different perspective (Rafał is a lawyer). The main thought was how different law interpretations can create new environment, and that this environment can make business die or flourish. A lot of real life examples like that Microsoft gets royalty fees for every Android phone. One extra tip is that “inspiration” 🙂 overrides stupid patents!
  2. Six Sigma w Projektach IT”  – (ang. Six Sigma in IT projects). I think there is one interesting point: “after implementing Six Sigma you will have 3 to 4 mistakes per 1 million opportunities. Additionally, the Six Sigma organization ensures that you will make some savings.
  3. Big Data: Big problem or Big Opportunity? – this was my presentation, sooooo it is pretty hard to say if it was good or not. Anyway, I hope in the future people will think about: metrics (before implementing the feature), that we enter the information era and a lot of things are going on because of that.
  4. Jak zwiększyć wydajność pracy?” (ang. How to increase your performance at work) and “Scalding, czyli: WordCount Hadoopem nie musi mieć 70 linii” (ang. Scalding therefore, WordCount Hadoop doesn’t have to have 70 lines of code) – I was on the first one but my colleague was on the second one. My thoughts: great presentation, Łukasz tried to explain to us how our mind works. After his presentation I avoid beer (for a while), I will eat healthy food, and I have two more books to read. The first one: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning and the second one Think Fast and Slow (btw the second link is a mobile one :)). And one more thing, next time please give Łukasz more time :). Anyway Łukasz thanks for vodka & water and some other tips :).My colleague’s thoughts on the second presentation are: a lot of code and one thing to remember Hadoop empowered by Scala helps us to write concise code, which is easy to read.
  5. API Driven Development” – a solid presentation about REST, it is worth to learn about REST. We should follow Bezos principles and think about externalization of our API to the world from the very beginning.
  6. Księżycowo podbudowane testowanie, czyli rzecz o sklecaniu własnej podbudowy do zautomatyzowanych testów funkcjonalnych aplikacji sieciowych” (ang. ?!?@!#%$! – If somebody wants to have self-crypted titles please talk to Filip) – Another solid presentation. Filip showed us how importatnt automatic tests are, and that a tester should not be afraid to learn and start writing those tests.
  7. Last but not least presentation was “How secure your web framework is?“- Łukasz as a lead and committer of Apache Struts2 framework told us about security holes. From Six Sigma presentation we know that bugs exist, so it is not strange to find those bugs in every web framework. Yes, even if it is written in Java. Main point: Next time instead of reading a tabloid, please check security bulletin of your framework.
As you can see, it was a huge portion of wisdom. What can I say – congratulations for both organizers and presenters.
But, wait, there is one more thing – After Party.
The after party was awesome. We went to Brama Jazz Cafe.  Great food, great beverages and great people are ingredient of awesome party. I met great people, shared a lot of different ideas and get a lot of feedback for my ideas. The locals directed us to some other place, and suggested us to drink The Flaming Poodle shot. They hadn’t to repeat this :). We went to Hormon (and. Hormone)   what can I say:  The Flaming Poodle shot was awesome and kicked ass. We finished early 🙂 on After After After Party – the sun had risen. But definitely it was worth it and thanks to Łukasz suggestions I hadn’t no hangover at all. Once again thanks for all tips 🙂
To summarize this I asked my friends on our way back about their opinions:
  • Marta: It is a good place to start your presenter career here, organizers are very helpful, and people are great!
  • Irek: I’m a newbie, so I learnt a lot! OMG! I have so much to learn about right now.
  • Krzysiek: Great conference, I’m pretty sure I want to be a presenter on DevCrowd 2014, so be prepared for my speech.
My one sentence opinion is: Great job! Thanks guys. If you choose me, I will come to DevCrowd 2014 for sure.
Photos from conference are here:
  • The beginning
    The beginning
    Presenters Headquarter
    Presenters Headquarter
    Awesome Conference Organizers (part of them)
    Awesome Conference Organizers (part of them)
    Awesome Conference Organizers (part of them)
    Awesome Conference Organizers (part of them)
    Allegro & Pedro
    Allegro & Pedro
    The End
    The End

    Way back
    Way back

InteliJ Program

Some time ago I agree to take participation in Banner Program. Now I’ve got JetBrains Banner on my sidebar, currently still pointing to ReSharper . I IntelliJ user but some time ago I get ReSharper. I’ve got two account that was merged. Currently I’ve got only one and wait for banner for InteliJ 8.

If you plan to buy IntelliJ Idea or ReSharper fill free to use my customer id (if you want), maybe I get T-shirt or even free IntelliJ personal license. Of course T-shirt is the thing I want the most because JetBrains participate in WJUG give away program, and every presenter gets it own IntelliJ license. Because of that I currently preparing something to get license for IntelliJ 8 :).