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Books from last quarter – part one.

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I read or listen at least one book per two weeks. I want to share the list with you. First of all it is always worth to recommend good book. Second I hope you could help me. Please write your suggestion into comments. Thanks and happy reading. This quarter list: Crossing the charm by Geoffrey A. […]

DevCrowd 2013

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This was the 3rd time I was a presenter on the DevCrowd  conference. In fact twice on DevCrowd and once on Java4People. The variety of attendees and presenters was huge, and we saw that all the time: during questions, presentation styles, there were also presentations with meat (I  mean code) and there was a presentation […]


InteliJ Program

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Some time ago I agree to take participation in Banner Program. Now I’ve got JetBrains Banner on my sidebar, currently still pointing to ReSharper . I IntelliJ user but some time ago I get ReSharper. I’ve got two account that was merged. Currently I’ve got only one and wait for banner for InteliJ 8. If […]


SpringSource – Developing Rich Web Applications with Spring

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Today I’ve just finished a training from SpringSource about developing Rich Web Developing. Our trainee was Marten Denium. This was very nice training and one day we go with Marten to CK Oberza. It was quite nice time, and we get some information about Spring 3.0, maintenance policy, Spring Tool Suite and of course about […]


Photo tryout one

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I use this blog for english improvement, now I want to use it for my picture-taking experience. If you have some objections give me response in comments. This week photo (one of them) I want to share is:


Springframework and Hibernate Training

I’ve just agreed with my boss to conduct training. The training will be provided by myself. Here is brief outline of the training. If you have some suggestion, I will be very obligated. * Spring IoC Introduction Resource Abstraction Bean Lifecycles Lifecycle callbacks Lab 1 Factory Bean Method Injection Alternative Injection Strategies Lab 2 Bean […]


California – Part One

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Our trip began in Warsaw airport with great news that our flight was canceled. We must go to BA and they rebooked us to LOT flight. Next great news was in london, the security guard said us that it impossible to get to our flight to San Francisco. Our last chance was that our luggage […]


SD West – last day

The last day was little bit dull. I think because it was last day and mans was going to flights , and it was sad. First speech was “Aspect-Oriented Design and Programing in Ruby” by Dean Wampler. He creates and manages AOP ruby project called Aquarium. He shown a lot of code, and by examples […]

SD West – the begining

Due to our time, I will be describing SD West from the past perspective. California is great place to be, we sow so much vineries and of course Golden Gate. Than we move to sierra nevada near Lake Tahoe. One fact : The State of California (the size is similar to Poland) can be supplied […]

Blog reloaded ;)

This blog was a try out. It’s goals were: improve my English (still poor ;/ ) try to become more open share knowledge Now it’s time to reactivate. In this days I’m involved in startup “natrasie” (in polish) and some other activities, so my blog importance was low. It’s time to challenge with time and […]


Tymek on the road ;)

19-02-2008 on 3:50 my second son was born. He was 4.565 kg.  Stay tuned.


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