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  • Books from last quarter – part one.

    I read or listen at least one book per two weeks. I want to share the list with you. First of all it is always worth to recommend good book. Second I hope you could help me. Please write your suggestion into comments. Thanks and happy reading. This quarter list: Crossing the charm by Geoffrey A. […]

  • DevCrowd 2013

    This was the 3rd time I was a presenter on the DevCrowd  conference. In fact twice on DevCrowd and once on Java4People. The variety of attendees and presenters was huge, and we saw that all the time: during questions, presentation styles, there were also presentations with meat (I  mean code) and there was a presentation […]

  • InteliJ Program

    Some time ago I agree to take participation in Banner Program. Now I’ve got JetBrains Banner on my sidebar, currently still pointing to ReSharper . I IntelliJ user but some time ago I get ReSharper. I’ve got two account that was merged. Currently I’ve got only one and wait for banner for InteliJ 8. If […]

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