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  • Spring Migration Analyzer – The Beginning

    Spring Team surprised us once again with Spring Migration Analyzer tool. Migration with Spring wasn’t so painful, BUT this one create report for us. Now it easier to estimate effort and we now spots where we should put our attention. I read InfoQ article: “Spring Migration Analyzer: An Assistant For JavaEE To Spring Conversion” about great […]

  • Importance of Security

    Everybody knows web application are now de facto standard in daily use. We go even further as we have more and more mobile devices. We are building our apps in such a way we can access it from mobile phones, tablets and even e-book readers. So nobody should be surprised that companies involved in web […]

  • Pedro Newsletter 05.09.2011

    Safari users still susceptible to attacks. Follow the instructions posted at $ps|Enable to fully protect your system. slashem – type safe Scala DSL for Solr. Google APIs Client Library for .NET (still in beta). Android powered Kindle – worst kept secret is now confirmed. Dreamforce 2011 Keynote. Awesome Seth post entry: Not fade away. Best […]