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  • Choosing the right cache

    My friend Piotr asks me about cache. Truly I can’t suggest him any cache. So I decided to compare cache libraries. Nomination in alphabetical order: Cache4j Cache4j is very simple cache. Its have three cache algorithms LFU, LRU, FIFO. It’s fast and small. There is no English documentation (there is Russian one). There’s no JMX. […]

  • The saga about Hibernete.

    I’ve borrowed book about hibernate. So naturally i want share my experiences with You. Today we focused on JMX and Hibernate. Hibernate has two MBean. HibernateServiceMBean which allows you to modify hibernate settings and StatisticsServiceMBean which expose hibernate statistics. Using jconsole you can change settings, for example you can tell hibernate to write queries to […]

  • WJUG 5

    Five Warsaw Java User Group meeting is the past. Jacek shows us Seam. I found it very attractive. Last week I’ve try seam. It’s worth trying. JBoss guys close java EE world to new trends such RoR or Django. Their also add few nice features. Ok it’s late, and the seam’s posts will come.