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NoSQL hype – Cassandra example

In last few weeks there was a lot of NoSQL hype, with more and more information about companies which migrate from rational databases such MySQL to NoSQL solution. There are a lot of pretty awesome NoSQL solution on the market, but from my point of view the most promising is Cassandra. Originally Cassandra was developed […]

Gates vs Jobs



There are everywhere, please stop them or …. maybe use them ?. The widgets are useful small programs run on top on widget engine. For someone who must use windows it’s a killer feature. Thanks to them you can enhance your pulpit and do many things you can’t in pure Windows installation. This is the […]



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Lastly I have found programmer personality test and made it for fun, here is my result. You can try here Your programmer personality type is: DHTB You’re a Doer. You are very quick at getting tasks done. You believe the outcome is the most important part of a task and the faster you can reach […]


week or two weeks off

Last week I was on vacation, and now another week off. Everything beacuse of because of man’s stupid-ness. I like Scoble’s idea and will be taking the week off. Good luck



I’ve working on post about mavenization, but for now I want to share with something amazing. I always think about Google Maps API as something great, but Goggle amazed me. Flight Simulator is in danger now. When you want to play, you must for sure set alarm before starting. So set the alarm and go […]