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  • CloudFront Joined AWS Free Usage Tier

    Amazon CloudFront is Content Delivery Network (CDN) and more as it is integrated and optimized to work with other AWS services. By using edge locations of Amazon’s DCs we can cache our content and deliver it with low latency. It doesn’t meter if the content is static (S3 object) or dynamic (EC2 service). We can […]

  • Amazon Cloud Drive and Play

    Amazon is awesome! Everyone of us have a lot of music files. You can try “du -hs Music/“, I’m getting 100+GB answer, and this is just the part of my music, mostly because “df -h” is saying “Avail 4.5Gb” . This is after I purge more than 50GB of music. I’m also user of Grooveshark […]

  • AWS CloudFormation Introduction

    AWS CloudFormation solves the complexity of creating collections of AWS Services and Resources (RDS, EC2, etc). We can use existing Templates or create our own. From chosen Template we can easily deploy our Stack, without worries about dependency resolution of ours Services. Read more on Amazon Blog: Create Your AWS Stack From a Recipe. CloudFormation […]