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Engineering New Year’s Resolutions

For all engineers seeking what resolutions to choose. This presentation will help: Engineering Change.

Some ideas from presentation:

  • Continuous Deployment: make mistake quick, cheap failures,
  • Metric Driven Development: learning based on knowledge, know the project health, measure, measure and once again measure.
  • Learn new language:  chosen from different programing paradigm.
  • NoSQL: choose NoSQL solution to evaluate or compare few of them (eg. Riak, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.).
  • BigData: Everyone talks about that, so you have to know something about that. Start with Wiki than use google or twitter to find sources and read a lot.

In presentation you will find, how Etsy do the first two. Third one is obvious. 4th and 5th are today’s future.

Choose at least three and I’m assure you won’t regret that.

In my resolutions I’m going to focus on BigData.