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Big Data Predictions

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I’ve read Forrester’s Big Data Predictions for 2013. Mike gave four predictions:

First prediction: everyone must figure out that BigData is everywhere, surrounds us. We need to find ways of learning from that data. We need to build new tools and methods for easily decision taking based on many different sources of data simultaneously and what is pretty hard do it in real time. It is not easy, so 2nd & 3rd prediction emerge here.

Second prediction: “The algorithm wars will begin.” : machine learning, advanced analytics, natural language processing, business intelligence, predictive analytics etc.. Lots of things to discover and huge data has to be processed.

Third prediction: Real-time technology have to be highly available, scalable, and performant.

Fourth prediction: “Time magazine will name big data its 2013 person of the year”. We will see :).

Another four from me:

  • BigData Appstore: If there is a lot of data we can sell it cheaply.
  • BigData Startups: figure out the “new way of dealing” and you may be the next Google.
  • BigData Consultancy: …. so you want us to install complete BigData solution … Yes we can do this, just show us the money!
  • BigData Solutions: NewSQL, NoSQL, Polyglot Persistence, and probably some others ideas will show up.

I suggest you to design with openness and integration in mind, and be prepared – check this free Datascience books list.

Wondering How Big is BigData – thery funny ;)?




I think 2013 belongs to google 😉 No one has spanner 😉

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