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Monitoring and metrics – Yes, of course.

I always try to convince everybody to measure. The first reaction are very different, but after a while everyone come back and says “Wow! I didn’t realize how helpful metrics can be”. I’ve watched video: “Using Monitoring and Metrics to Learn in Development”  (by Patrick Debois from Atlassian) with pleasure. I use Atlassian tools and talk with few […]

Big Data Predictions

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I’ve read Forrester’s Big Data Predictions for 2013. Mike gave four predictions: First prediction: everyone must figure out that BigData is everywhere, surrounds us. We need to find ways of learning from that data. We need to build new tools and methods for easily decision taking based on many different sources of data simultaneously and what is pretty […]


Engineering New Year’s Resolutions

For all engineers seeking what resolutions to choose. This presentation will help: Engineering Change. Some ideas from presentation: Continuous Deployment: make mistake quick, cheap failures, Metric Driven Development: learning based on knowledge, know the project health, measure, measure and once again measure. Learn new language:  chosen from different programing paradigm. NoSQL: choose NoSQL solution to […]