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Career and Risk Management

Inspired by Embracing Risk in Career Decisions by Harvard Business Review plus it is New Year’s resolutions time :). I decided to write this post.


Article suggest that risk management in career decisions should be different then risk management in business decisions. In business we have to minimize risk but it will bring more harm in career decision. Of course we shouldn’t read that as “stop thinking”.

So You Want To Be a Hero?

In our quest for glory we should take care about:

  1. Happiness: all factors which make us happy.
  2. Attitude Factor: all factors which develop us.
  3. and not so important but anyway: Threats: all factors which make us shiver.


How we should keep balance? I will cite HBR here:

This means that career decisions need to start not with risks, but creating a prioritized list of “happiness criteria,” or aspects that will critically determine your long-term satisfaction. The second step is to think through which of these criteria are non-negotiable and — if compromised — would force you to make a trade-off that could increase your risk in some other area.

Looking into past, I were brave enough or just stupid 🙂 to not debate about threats. I do not regret any job changing I’ve made. Every new job learnt me new things, gave me new opportunities, and most important I’ve met new friends.

Anyway as New Year is coming, consider what is truly important for you.

What’s your future? Are you happy in current job?

Happy New Year!