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Career and Risk Management

Inspired by Embracing Risk in Career Decisions by Harvard Business Review plus it is New Year’s resolutions time :). I decided to write this post. Intro Article suggest that risk management in career decisions should be different then risk management in business decisions. In business we have to minimize risk but it will bring more harm in career […]


Barkeep – code review tool

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Barkeep is very simply code review system. Your first steps should be to watched video on the project page, next you can simple try barkeep demo page. What amazed me was usage of vagrant. Vagrant is great tool you should have in your toolbox. Vagrant is tool to simplify environment setup. You can build your […]

Spring Migration Analyzer – The Beginning

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Spring Team surprised us once again with Spring Migration Analyzer tool. Migration with Spring wasn’t so painful, BUT this one create report for us. Now it easier to estimate effort and we now spots where we should put our attention. I read InfoQ article: “Spring Migration Analyzer: An Assistant For JavaEE To Spring Conversion” about great […]

kdb+ high performance, column-oriented, designed for massive datasets database

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Today data volumes are growing continuously. We need to do complex processing in real time. kdb+ try to solve that problem. It  includes q vector processing programming language (SQL-like). For example the New York Stock Exchange, which produce today a billion records per day ( in peaks over two billion), additionally it is over 200 GB […]