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Pedro Newsletter 30.11.2011

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This is the last Pedro Newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it. Atlassian OnDemand add Tempo plugin – time management and reporting is now easy. smtproutes – simple SMTP server (Sinatra inspiration). Spring Framework 3.1.0.RC2 was released. Redis for autocomplete. Alex’s Git Tip of The Week: Git submodules. iOS 5.1 beta – Siri integration Thanks for all, […]


Pedro Newsletter 29.11.2011

How to write Confluence plugin for SaaS. Google I/O 2012 extended to three days (June 27-29). pagekite – Bring your localhost servers on-line. Sounds good, when you want to show current Scrum result for your client. Solr/Lucene 3.5 was released. Evolution of Google Search 14 years in six minutes.


Pedro Newsletter 28.11.2011

2011 Google Developers Days (slides). GeoGebra – Free mathematics software for learning and teaching. Rails Good practice 1.5 was released. Five Hours with ThoughtWorks Go. Node.js style guide


Pedro Newsletter 25.11.2011

Thoughts on 2011 ONCIX Report. Every security professional should read that. Spring Roo 1.20.RC1 was released with PrimeFaces 3 support. Faster Bamboo Dashboard with Plan Labels. Grails: wildcard search on two fields. Key announcements from Oracle World.


Pedro Newsletter 24.11.2011

Security spending will increased. Great news. What Makes a Good Retrospective. First Lego League. Doom 3 Code on GitHub (GPL) Serializable dynamic Proxy. – Publishing for writers who love Markdown and Dropbox. For me this sounds really good. And Now For Something Completely Different: iPad 3 predictions.


Pedro Newsletter 23.11.2011

Things you can code with SQL – awesome presentation (pdf). Introduction to Spring Data neo4j (video). Alex’s Git Tip of the Week: Git BigJobbies. Cryptography Class at Stanford. SubGit – smooth SVN to Git migration.


Pedro Newsletter 22.11.2011

Nice list of 15 tenets for software engineer. Read everyday till you remember it. Node.js v0.8 roadmap. JIRA 5 Early Access with Stable API. If you want to write ebook, please answer this questions. Smooth CoffeeScript – free ebook.


Pedro Newsletter 21.11.2011

Discussion with Seth Godin about the Future of Books. New Rails version (3.1.2 and 3.1.3 🙂 and 3.0.11) were released, as XSS vulnerability. jQuery Mobile 1.0 final was released. Kanban Exercise – worth to check this out. Looking back on 2011. And Now For Something Completely Different: Rayman Origins – that’s the game.


Pedro Newsletter 18.11.2011

Google Music is no longer beta. Microsoft Surface tablet is ready for pre-order (only 8400$). EC2 instance monitoring. Wicket 1.5 was released. Apache Tika – content analysis tool.


Pedro Newsletter 17.11.2011

The world is changing: Polyglot Persistence. Google Plugin for Eclipse is now open source. Alex’s Git Tip of The Week: GC and Pruning. Jobs wanted own network with unlicensed spectrum. That’s awesome idea! SVGKit – SVG files as Core Animation. TestNG survey results – have to read.


Pedro Newsletter 16.11.2011

New Amazon EC2 instance type: cc2.8xlarge (cc2 for short). It will be next cluster computation, that’s is awesome power. Google released Android 4 source code. – Instant CSS Documentation Search. stripe – makes it easy to start accepting credit cards on the web. Cracking Siri. Games at Work part 1 and part 2. Kinect […]


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