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2011 - 10 Archive

Pedro Newsletter 31.10.2011

CloudFoundry new features presented at SpringOne 2GX. HTML5 boilerplate for Rails. Eclipse Juno M3 was released. Ruby HTTP client features matrix. And Now For Something Completely Different: Eclipse Splash Screen history.


Pedro Newsletter 28.10.2011

Information security team from Google – working to protect your data. The quote provoked me :). Amazon Simple Email Service support in Console was added. Google+ available in Google Apps (enterprise).


Pedro Newsletter 27.10.2011

The whitepaper about Oracle Cloud. ScriptCover – Javascript coverage tool. Hadoop as a Service. gaga – git backend KV Store. AppCode 1.0 was released.


Pedro Newsletter 26.10.2011

Effortless parenting. Callbacks in jQuery 1.7: demystified. Apache Lucene EuroCon: Presentation slides are now available. Alex’s Git Tip of the Week: Merging Revisited.


Pedro Newsletter 25.10.2011

Amazon SQS new features: batch operations, delay queues and message timers. Cortex A7 – big.LITTLE brings power to cheeper smartphones. Rapid Board now available in GreenHopper 5.8. Thucydides – automated testing library. Now with two way JIRA support. Dropbox API – that is awesome! Technical Leaders are graded by multiplication, not addition.


Pedro Newsletter 24.10.2011

Last vacation passed away. Galaxy Nexus first Android 4.0 phone. Android 4.0 SDK. Reduce power consumption for your wallboard monitor. Nice idea to use AppleTV :). Atlassian University 1.2 was released. moowheel – elegant way to visualize data. Complete List of Objective-C 2.0 compiler directives. Ruby 2.0 – what we should expect. Oracle – Optimizer […]


Pedro Newsletter 19.10.2011

Text to Speech API for Chrome. Bonfire 1.4 was release. SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.0 was release. Alex’s Git Tip of The Week: Index revisited. Rails 3.1 was released.


Pedro Newsletter 18.10.2011

Google Code In. Google JS test – fast javascript unit testing framework is open source now. Redis 2.4 was released.


Pedro Newsletter 17.10.2011

url to media tag gem- convert media url to image or video embed. All about iCloud. Grails on AWS and grails cloud foundry cheat sheet. Virtualization and Java: An introduction to memory management. Git Tutorial plus git 1.7.7 was released.


Pedro Newsletter 14.10.2011

iOS 5 was released. Short new feature description. Test First approach in 1968. That’s amaze me. Groovy 1.8.3 and 1.9 beta4 were released. OSGi early draft. Creating Your First Ruby Gem. gitlabhq – Project management and code hosting application (using git of course).


Pedro Newsletter 13.10.2011

scalex – Scaladoc Index. chronon – time traveling debugger. Introduction to Cloud Foundry (video). Spring 3.1.0 RC1 was released. Flash scope for Spring MVC sounds good.


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