Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Pedro Newsletter 05.08.2011

  • GroovyMag magazine August 2011.
  • If you are using Jenkins, check out Jenx: Jenkins monitor with real time notification.
  • Chocolate – new OSX editor, I wonder if it repeat TextMate success.
  • Virgo 3.0 RC2 was released.
  • News from Amazon:
    • Identity Federation: Temporary security credentials for AWS.
    • VPC Everywhere: The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is available. Beta testing is done, so now everybody can use it.
    • Direct Connect: We can create connection to an AWS Region via dedicated 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit network. Say hello to security and more predictable data transfer (cost: $0.02/GB).
  • “C++ and Object Oriented Design the least you need to know” (free book).