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Pedro Newsletter 01.09.2011

Two new versions of the Google Analytics Management API. Grail on Heroku. Step by step instruction, and the best part is observations. CNN bought Apple iPad Zite Reader for over 20$ million. The 10 Commandments of Steve: Job’s genius in nutshell. Offline access to Gmail in Chrome. Rails 3.1.0 was released: You have to read […]


Pedro Newsletter 31.08.2011

Security Effectiveness Model: Check out where your organization or project is. Preview of new GridGain version features. Alex’s Git Tip of The Week: Trees. Do you use Virgo, if yes check this Virgo Tooling page. PrimeFaces 3.0 M3 was released. And Now Something Completely Different: Eight Differences.


Pedro Newsletter 30.08.2011

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Oracle Database Flashback: Revert the entire database to a previously saved state at will. Enabling Grails full text search on Cloud Foundry by Peter Ledbrook. Very interesting and useful IntelliJ plugin: Share with Pastie. Sprockets 2.0.0 was released: Sprockets is a Ruby library for compiling and serving web assets. Primefaces migration guide to 3.0. Upcoming […]


Pedro Newsletter 29.08.2011

Home Sweet Home. Finally at home after two week of travel through Lithuania and Latvia. That was great time. New Game 2011 Conference – November 1-2 @San Francisco – all html5 game developers should be there. Amazon ElasticCache – new service from amazon. This is in-memory cache webservice for our applications. CloudFoundry add PHP and […]


Pedro Newsletter 12.08.2011

Understanding JavaScript Function Invocation and “this”. “This” is awesome 🙂 David Pogue: How to build a usable watch. Wicket 1.4.18 was released. RabbitMQ Now Available in Cloud Foundry. jstat – JavaScript statistical library. STS 2.8.0.M1 was released. Grails 2.0.0M1 support. Two weeks break. I’m going on vacation.  


Pedro Newsletter 11.08.2011

Interactive tool help you figure out how your customers think and what they want. Read Seth’s R&D in public. Kindle Cloud Reader. travis-ci – I cite “Travis is like Github for CIs.“. Where CI mean Continuous Integration. Scala 2.9.1 RC2 was released. And Now For Something Completely Different: Password Strength.


Pedro Newsletter 10.08.2011

Alex’s Git Tip Of The Week: Searching for Commits and Changes. Grails redis plugin. Design fun. Think critically about what it means for a site to be fun. iOS 5 beta 5 was released. iPhone5 is also closer :). Eclipse Juno M1 was released.


Pedro Newsletter 09.08.2011

Moder Meeting Standards (Kindle Version for free on Amazon). Mobile metrics. Google Developers Day: registration is open in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Moscow. Laser: Ruby static analysis tool. Enterprise Apps in 2011 and Beyond by Adrian Colyer.


Pedro Newsletter 08.08.2011

Automatic Resource Management in action. Preview Pane for GMail. data-race-test – This project is about detecting data races (race conditions). iPad security – there is still the room for improvements. 8085 Microprocessor Reference Card. How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet, the Most Menacing Malware in History. – clone. Objective-c IoC Container.


Pedro Newsletter 05.08.2011

GroovyMag magazine August 2011. If you are using Jenkins, check out Jenx: Jenkins monitor with real time notification. Chocolate – new OSX editor, I wonder if it repeat TextMate success. Virgo 3.0 RC2 was released. News from Amazon: Identity Federation: Temporary security credentials for AWS. VPC Everywhere: The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is available. Beta […]


Pedro Newsletter 04.08.2011

My post: Groovy and Grails Code Quality. Fetch as Googlebot – new feature in Google Webmaster Tool. Virgo in CloudFoundry: This is awesome news for me. radi – create video, animation and realtime graphics for the modern web. Nice app, free beta. PragPub Magazine Issue 26, August 2011. It is already printed (waiting for reading). […]


Groovy and Grails Code Quality

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