Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Pedro Newsletter 14.07.2011

  • JBoss AS 7 was released with OSGi container.
  • Alex’s Git Tip of the Week: Assigning Blame
  • Google+ technology details. It is interesting that Google did not use GWT, are Google afraid of performance?.
  • What do you love? Another awesome site from Google!
  • Atlassian deliver to us new toy to play. Let me introduce you Bonfire.
    It gives QA teams, testers and developers – even your boss – incredibly fast bug reporting, directly from your web application.
    It seam I will play with the new Atlassian toy :).
  • JiraGrader – Grade quality of your project in 1 minute. Hmm algorithm still need some improvements => #1 108 tickets with 40 open (37% open) vs #5 1729 tickets with 135 open (8% open), but the project may be interesting.