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Pedro Newsletter 29.04.2011

Neo4J 1.3 was released. License is now GPLv3 or AGPLv3, plus some new features. The Joel on Software (StackExchange) podcast is back!. Spring Social 1.0.0.M3 was released. Mobile Apps Choices: Native vs Web Apps. And Now For Something Different: King of the Apps Comic Part 8&9 , Part 10 , and previous parts were in […]


Pedro Newsletter 28.04.2011

PlayStation Network hacked. This is bad news. Speakeasy extension for Bamboo, There will be a lot of new extension. Delaying Garbage Collection Costs: Java Specialist Newsletter Issue 191. Google Capabilities API: great API, and nice article Google App Engine Java Capabilities and Namespaces API. Over 100 new web fonts in Google Web Fonts. Mysql performance […]


Pedro Newsletter 27.04.2011

Git Tip of the week by Alex: Tags Cleaning up code smells: nice list in one article. Inline testing in Ruby. Google Summer of Code 2011: four Django extensions. Programming Language Map.


Pedro Newsletter 26.04.2011

Easer come and go, it was great time. LLDB get new feature “Regular Expression Commands“, it seams to be interesting new feature. Predictive modeling for Python. Hudson 2.0 was released. django-lazysingup I will cite ” allow users to interact with a site as if they were authenticated users, but without signing up. At any time, […]


Pedro Newsletter 22.04.2011

Apple Location Tracking Affair. Engine Yard rolled out new Documentation (2.0). Eventing Data with RabbitMQ and Raik, yep this is the power of spring :). Python 3 Patterns, free book.


Pedro Newsletter 21.04.2011

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JetBrains Easter Sale: 30-50% OFF Top Java Memory Problems Part 1. Google Earth Builder: Bring the power of Google’s cloud to your geospatial data. NetBean 7 was released. Virgo 2.1.1 was released (with Gemini 1.1.1 and SpringSource dm Server 2.0.5). Cleaner and Faster: Google Toolbar 7. We have SQL, we have NoSQL, now it is […]


Pedro Newsletter 20.04.2011

Convert Groovy Map to class in IntelliJ 10.5, also Spring Roo console was added. Alex’s Git tip of the week: Merging. Is 100% coverage a goal or a way, I agree with Uncle Bob that this is a way. Spring Data Graph 1.0 was released. AWS Summit 2011: New York, London, San Francisco.


Pedro Newsletter 19.04.2011

Spring Integration support in IntelliJ 10.5. National Education Site was released as Beta sneak preview. Spring Roo refcard. Image diffs: Comparing images and creating image diffs. Testing in Django: Part one, Part two. And now for something completely different: how to fix any computer.


Pedro Newsletter 18.04.2011

Bamboo stages feature helped JIRA team to speed up automated tests 10 times. Amazon added bookmarking feature to AWS Management Console, it may be very helpful. If you are using JSF, now you can vote for your favorite issues. Spring Roo 1.1.3 was released. The most important feature is cloud foundry integration, it was in […]


Pedro Newsletter 15.04.2011

Cloud Foundry with Ruby Turning the habit of self-criticism upside down by Seth Godin. Spring 3.1 bean profiles support available in IntelliJ 10.5. Custom background image themes in Gmail. One Man Project Management. Join the Secret Society of Wiki Ninjas. iOS 4.3.2 was released. Rails 3.1 adopts jQuery, CoffeeScript, Sass and Controversy. Lighting Fast CMS […]


Pedro Newsletter 14.04.2011

Codegeist V was announced. You write a plugin for Atlassian product and than win some money 🙂 is great service for url shortening, new features was announced. Programing in Scala First Edition (html version was added). JetBrains AppCode (EAP-106.466 12 April 2011) was released. Slug done right in Django. The Destructive Programming Manifesto.


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