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Pedro Newsletter 28.02.2011

Android SDK 3.0 is available now. Mastering Unique Visitor (Google Analytics). You may see yours in Data Feed Query Explorer. Amazon Cloud Formation was announced. Amazon as always provide description of new service and tutorial article AWS CloudFormation in AWS Management Console, but you may also read my introduction as well. Spring Corner: Spring Roo […]


AWS CloudFormation Introduction

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AWS CloudFormation solves the complexity of creating collections of AWS Services and Resources (RDS, EC2, etc). We can use existing Templates or create our own. From chosen Template we can easily deploy our Stack, without worries about dependency resolution of ours Services. Read more on Amazon Blog: Create Your AWS Stack From a Recipe. CloudFormation […]


Pedro Newsletter 25.02.2011

OSX Developer Preview. OSX is now closer to iOS. If you don’t moved to maven3, read this top ten reasons to move to maven 3, and move ASAP. Great news for all tied to Microsoft Office, Google introduced Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, so you can now share and edit your M$ documents the […]


Pedro Newsletter 24.02.2011

I love this prediction: Git and distributed version control invade the enterprise, widespread panic and benefits follow. I don’t like singletons, but this implementation is quite interesting, so read, but try to not use singletons at all. Titanium Mobile 1.6.0 was released. iPad 2 or iPhone 5?, we have to wait till 2nd March. Happy […]


Pedro Newsletter 23.02.2011

Eclipse Virgo 3.0.0.M1 was released. Jetty Web Server plus Equinox upgrade. Rails with S3 in step by step article. IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 was announced with Java 7 support and Spring Roo support. Google Analytics SDK for iOS. And Now for Something Completely Different: Pixelfari – 8bit browser 🙂


JPA2 Metamodel – how to manage that.

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JPA2 added new typesafe Criteria API. This allows us to build query in strongly-typed manner instead of string based. To provide such functionality JPA2 use Metamodel API described in JSR-317: Chapter 5. When entity manager factory is bootstrapping for persistence unit, then persistence provider have to initialize metamodel classes so this classes have to be […]



Pedro Newsletter 22.02.2011

Python 3.2 was released. Read “What’s new” for more details. Java Agent for Memory Management: Unfortunately project is managed by ant. Interview with Secure Programming Static Analysis Brian Chess by InfoQ. Brian tells us when to use penetration testing and why static analysis is also important for overall application security. 20 Google Docs Tips.


Spring Template Objects Testing

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My friend asked me, how we should test this piece of code public void fire(final NotificationMessage message) { jmsTemplate.send(new MessageCreator() { @Override public Message createMessage(Session session) throws JMSException { return session.createObjectMessage(message); } }); } Mock, stubs, arguments matchers are not successful here. Of course we can mock jmsTemplate, verify if send method was executed, but […]

Pedro Newsletter 21.02.2011

Unified quota management for Google Hosting and 12 new file formats in Google Docs. Secret: To generate good idea you have to produce bad ones. Ruby4Kids – nothing more to add here :).


Pedro Newsletter 18.02.2011

New UI in F1 (mozilla project). Unfortunately it needs Firefox 4.0, but fortunately you can get it right now. The browser wars just stared. Interview questions for senior developers. It is worth to check if you know the answers. Translucent Functions paper. Google Data Explorer goes public. Static web site hosting on Amazon S3. Google […]


Pedro Newsletter 17.02.2011

I like this site Convore, btw it is powered by python and django. Java is the Dead End. It will be better if you will listen this Basement Coders episode. Bamboo 3.0 was released. Git support is nice but Continuous Deployment features are great, this year will be great opportunity to make Continuous Deployment comes […]


Pedro Newsletter 16.02.2011

Amazon Services for iOS and Android

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