Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Pedro Newsletter 13.01.2011

  • Great site!. I cite Dmitry Vyukov: “information about lock-free, wait-free, obstruction-free synchronization algorithms and data structures, scalability-oriented architecture, multi-core/multi-processor design patterns, high-performance computing, threading technologies and libraries (OpenMP, TBB, PPL), message-passing systems and related topics.”
  • Database Version Control: Article reviews all of the possibilities to database version control. I’m Liquibase user, but read and find your one.
  • Mule 3.1 was released. Lot’s of new features.
  • Great Video: 14 Words To Change Your Live: Everyone have to watch at least two times a day.
  • Scala == Effective Java: Must read article for Scala lovers. 25 Items prove that.
  • Working from home: awesome and horrible.