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Pedro Newsletter 27-31.12.2010

Smart use of git and sym-links to hold configurations hygiene: Configuration Hygiene with Versions and Varia. JBoss AS 6 was released. Open Mac OSX, Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you puredarwin. Great article: Everything the Internet Knows About Me (Because I Asked It To). This is awesome: Kinect Hacked to Play Full-Body World of […]


Pedro Newsletter 24.12.2010

That is awesome, I have to convince my boss to buy few USB missile lunchers: Bamboo Punisher. Cloud 2011: I totally agree with that. Django security release, please upgrade as soon as possible. Reserved DB Instances from Amazon, it is the way to reduce cost if you use database continuously. Git support for Bamboo. Merry […]


Pedro Newsletter 23.12.2010

Great blog about iPhone 3D programming: The Little Grasshopper. Lonely Planet guides for free (European Cities). Scala pros and cons: Awesome article it may be helpful if you think about introduction Scala to your organization. Thinking about buying headphones. Macworld write guide for that. ICEfaces 2.0.0. was released (JSF2 on the board). Oracle VM VirtualBox […]


Pedro Newsletter 22.12.2010

Git is to slow on your OSX, you may try this tip (64bit git). If you need to redirect to the original request after django registration, this article describes that. CouchCMS as powerful CMS, worth to consider. Comparison between ror_ecommerce and spree. Two rails e-commerce systems. iAd Producer great tool to do iAds. HTML5 Labs […]


Pedro Newsletter 21.12.2010

Must see presentation about Design for Developers, one great take away from presentation is: Design is discipline, so everybody can learn it! Additionally introduction to color theory is also worth reading. Lift has now support in JRebel. Great job! Review of ‘The Rails 3 Way’ book. Free Google Talk calling extended for 2011, that’s great […]


Pedro Newsletter 20.12.2010

Awesome video: Ninja’s unboxing 2. New Google products added to Google Apps: Picasa Web Albums, Google Chrome Sync. I love that kind of projects: Robotics project, I think next year Santa will give one of it to my son :). From Django to Rails: Rails-admin. Great article: Lessons from less. ls command real deep internals […]


Pedro Newsletter 17.12.2010

Interesting talk about Flickr Architecture, and how we may approach to different problems, worth watching. Now you can import VMware Image to Amazon EC2. As always JetBrains prepares “whats new” page for IntelliJ X. Interesting approach to prototyping: Chromeless 0.1 was released. Today we have Seminary about useful web forms, this post shows that making […]


Pedro Newsletter 16.12.2010

Two kinds of people, check which one you are. Prezi – awesome presentation software – added some new features like: color wizard, drag and drop files to PreziDesktop, and align object with snap. Wondering about password: Top 50 password leaked Another Phoenix: Commodore 64 has risen from ashes. Grails 1.3.6 was released. The most important […]


Pedro Newsletter 15.12.2010

Project Coin: Safe Varargs. It become boring, Google add to Google Apps: DoubleClick for Publisher. GreenHopper 5.4 with time tracking and bug fixes was released. New feature in Google Gmail: Restore your contacts. Something for Arduino fans: ArduPilotMega 1.0 was released. Awesome job.


Pedro Newsletter 14.12.2010

Google Apps added Google AdSense. Dreamforce 8 has ended, waiting for Dreamforce 2011. Spring Data Redis 1.0.0.M1 was released. Amazon add FreeBSD operating system.


Pedro Newsletter 13.12.2010

Everyone and no one by Seth Godin. Google and Spring Tools. IntelliJ IDEA 10 was released. STM comes to Scala. Google Apps now has Google Website Optimizer and Google Custom Search. Eclipse 3.7M4 was released. You can put 5TB into Amazon buckets now.


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