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Pedro Newsletter 29.10.2010

Four people comment the JCP problems: four viewpoints of war. Spring Roo 1.1.0 was released and GWT 2.1 should be also released. All new features are described on spring blog Gmail on safari looks like native app. Spring problem with security repaired. Strata Conference 2011 in Santa Clare, startups fest will be there.


Pedro Newsletter 28.10.2010

Do you know your personality? Check this out, is’s awesome! HTML5 sanitizer : bleach. Next IntelliJ X EAP was released for Halloween. Worth to read: Where do you want to be in five years? And moreover it is good to answer this question. As of today, I love Scala. Maybe I shouldn’t say this so […]


Pedro Newsletter 27.10.2010

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Time to stand in the queue for tickets :): Falsy Values 2011. Scala 2.8.1 RC4 was released and Today I attend 2 days Scala training by Jonas Boner. Hope there will be a lot of Scala 2.8.x. Even James Strachan loves Scala (even he creates Groovy). Google promotes Google TV, so they give away 10000 […]


Pedro Newsletter 26.10.2010

Sing the form to: “contribute Apple JDK to Open JDK“. RMagic is seeking for new developers. FishCAT program for GlassFish 3.1 was started, even you don’t want to join go to aquarium site and see “The Cat Come Back” movie. Awesome :). Nice article: Cobertura vs Emma vs Clover. So if you wondering which code […]


Pedro Newsletter 25.10.2010

Adobe announced HTML5 video player, great work adobe. Jira Wallboard plugin 1.4 was released. Better search autocomplete from Google, now it suggest you local point of interest. Want to write parser with ruby, there is very nice Treetop library and step by step tutorial. Doug Lea letter about JSP problems, It is pity that Java […]


Pedro Newsletter 22.10.2010

Great article how to make MySQL to behave like NoSQL database. (750000qps). JUnit date trick. Focus – new book by Leo Babauta. For Free :). Rubyists have now great opportunity with Mac AppStore, but Apple does NOT like Java Developers. Google Tools for Cloud development. Another article is from InfoQ. Jira 4.2 with GreenHopper 5.3 […]


Pedro Newsletter 21.10.2010

Say hello to FaceTime for Mac. Mac App Store – it looks awesome for me. The Lion 🙂 Virgo RC1 was release. Can’t wait for final :). Spring Roo 1.1.0 RC1 was released as always with GWT 2.1.0.RC1. JCP election started. Vote for crazybob (Bob Lee).


Pedro Newsletter 20.10.2010

Free Android development in IntelliJ IDEA 10. A List Apart survey for 2010. Take this out 🙂. OSX 10.7 rumors. Rails cluster monitoring.


Pedro Newsletter 19.10.2010

JVM Shutdown Hooks – explained. Java 6 SE update 22 was released. Maven 3 top 10 new features – as always after release somebody choose best 10. OSGi in Java 8 – this is Eclipse Foundation demand


Pedro Newsletter 18.10.2010

Last week I was out of the fast internet, so I have no opportunities to produce my daily news. Now I have a hugh number of news. Actors in Scala – now ready to order 🙂 Hierarchy of being smart by Seth Godin. Details of plan B for Java 7 and state of Java Lambda. […]


Pedro Newsletter 08.10.2010

If you want to write Safari extension this article may help you: How to Create Safari Extension from Scratch. InfoQ talk: Why Agile works by Amr Elssamadisy. LLVM 2.8 was released. It may be quite interesting book: Java Developer Covering Java 7. One question is still open who will be released first book or java […]


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