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Pedro Newsletter 28.09.2010

Great article – Common Kanban Myths. Apple released Remote 2.0. If you are interested in OSGi it is worth to read InfoQ article about current state of early OSGi 4.3 draft. New OAuth support for Google Apps API That’s all for that week, I’m going to Roche Offsite Seminary that is a lot of fun, […]


Pedro Newsletter 27.09.2010

JBoss AS 6 releasing early and often. As always when Apple get patent, there must be something in Steve mind. Lift 2.1 was released. Google still on shopping. Testing exception – great article to read. Chrome 6 Issue was corrected.


Pedro Newsletter 24.09.2010

Oracle will support GlassFish – that is good news. Spring ActionScript 1.0 is avail. VisualVM 1.3.1 was released. The next Big JVM Language: discussion regarding the java successor.


Pedro Newsletter 23.09.2010

There is only one event, why I will not attend JAX 2010 London. It is Roche Offsite Seminary hold in Zagroda Kuwasy. Java 6u23 pre-release was released. Here is summary of tickets. Worth to read: What Steve Jobs really wants. Top 7 Feature in Tomcat 7 from James Gosling interview: Why he left Oracle. […]


Pedro Newsletter 22.09.2010

Google Developer Day – registration opens for Munich. Einstein’s Riddle – solved in prolog. Constraints drive creativity – worth read. Modeling Concurrency with Actors in Java


Pedro Newsletter 21.09.2010

Oracle Tools are certified on Amazon EC2, and some new stuff from Amazon: Resource tagging, idempotent instance creation, filtering and importing own RSA keypair. Read Ruby: Free Ruby book. GoGaRuCo 2010 recap. Eclipse 3.7M2 was released. Waste number seven: defects.


Pedro Newsletter 20.09.2010

Tabs versus Spaces: Is the war is over? Project Coin at JavaOne 2010. Yea I heard that 3 year ago, and probably there is no JDK7 because people have to give Yet Another Speech about “New Java Features”. Other list of Features speeches. Good article for interviewers and interviewee: Things I’ve learned from hiring interns […]


Pedro Newsletter 17.09.2010

I’m pleased that Ɓukasz is back with bloging. Please try maven 3.0 RC1. Live webinar from Google: Google Apps for mobile. Google give us Instantiation tools. Want to play with go language, go to go playground. Awesome google video chat enhancement. Say hello to Mule 3. There is a Kraken in my garden :). Take […]


Pedro Newsletter 16.09.2010

Are you bored by default phone look and feel, maybe you can make camera. Nice intro to new Twitter. Terminal build using JavaScript and HTML 5. IntelliJ 10: Spring tc Server support. JTheque Utils 1.1.5 was released. Part 6 of Waste series: Task Switching. Clean code simplified to just three words: keep functions small.


Pedro Newsletter 15.09.2010

Yehuda Kats, the man behind Merb, Rails 3 now will be responsible for SproutCore (I’m pretty sure the SproutCore will be successful). It is worth to read his story. New version of AdWords API was released. VMware offers $10 upgrade to Parallels version 3. Introducing Amazon Linux AMI. And some new stuff for IntelliJ 10: […]


Pedro Newsletter 14.09.2010

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Cedrik put 3 commercial on his blog, worth watching. Oracle planed to merge JRockit with Sun JVM. 5 things you didn’t know about …. “Everyday java tools” by IBM. Google DevFests 2010. Nice series of videos on CSS3


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