Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Pedro Newsletter 27.08.2010

  • Happy Birthday Amazon EC2 (4th years). There is nice table which shows what was in 2006 and what we have now.
  • If you are JIRA users, Atlassian prepares great opportunity to look into JIRA 4.2 (beta preview).
  • Audio API with demos, worth seeing.
  • That’s awesome: Google Realtime Search.
  • Great article by Martin Odersky about if it Scala too complicated.
  • New opportunity – Hudson as a service (of course in the cloud)
  • Nicer description of Spring Roo 1.1.0.M3 by SpringSource
  • New kindle presented by Kevin Rose. It is awesome.
  • David Pogue post about new Gmail feature (Phone calls).
  • Clojure Protocols article.
  • After many months Neal made a post, what I like most of that post is reaction on Oracle moves. I will cite Neal here:I would normally post my comments on the proposal to the lambda-dev mailing list , which ensures that any IP embedded in my comments are formally submitted to Oracle’s ownership. However, Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Google has made it clear that, even though I am a contributor to openjdk7, I do not have a license to Oracle’s patents that are necessarily infringed by the use of the openjdk7 source base. This is a very confusing position for the organizer of an open-source effort to take. Rather than continuing to contribute IP directly to the project, I’ll post my comments here and contribute them to Oracle once it is clear that I’ve been granted a license to the patents necessary to use openjdk7.

That’s a lot today.