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Pedro Newsletter 31.08.2010

Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Example – free ebook. Cassandra book was published by O’Reilly. VMware vFabric was announced by Rod Johnson. Appcelerator starts posting new API reference guide. First TableViews API. Another nice feature for GMail – priority inbox – now in Beta :). And another new Google release is Google Translator. […]


Pedro Newsletter 30.08.2010

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What makes you an expert. Java cajust free it – t-shirts, that’s James Gosling idea. New features for Google Reader – my favorite is fullscreen. Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio 1.2 was released. Rails 3.0 is ready !!! Movies from RubyKaigi conference. Netbeans 6.10 was released and has support for PrimeFaces.


Pedro Newsletter 27.08.2010

Happy Birthday Amazon EC2 (4th years). There is nice table which shows what was in 2006 and what we have now. If you are JIRA users, Atlassian prepares great opportunity to look into JIRA 4.2 (beta preview). Audio API with demos, worth seeing. That’s awesome: Google Realtime Search. Great article by Martin Odersky about if […]


Pedro Newsletter 26.08.2010

More new features in IntelliJ 10: VCS commit spelling checker. The State of the Art in Mobile Web Application Development – InfoQ panel. Google Analytics Tracing Code Debugger – finally. If you want to start with Rails 3 – there is a good list for that. OSGi Compliance Level – that’s good initiative. Some Gmail […]


Pedro Newsletter 25.08.2010

You can find more than one ActiveRecord object, by passing more than one id User.find(1,3,5). Spring Roo 1.1.0.M3 was released and GWT 2.1.M3 was released. VmWare & Google make this tools to cooperate very closely. Artima article about what’s new in Collection API (Scala 2.8). Call phones from Gmail, yep that’s new feature :). In […]


Pedro Newsletter 24.08.2010

iOSDevCamp 2010 winners. If you are searching innovation, you will find it here, for sure. That’s nice news Rails 3.0RC2 was released. Google Earth 1.1 for Android was released. Rumors about iMac touch. How to migrate from ant to maven, a little bit late but better late than never :). Lean thinking waste part 2.


Pedro Newsletter 23.08.2010

Spring Security 3.1.0.M1 was released. First release built using Gradle, if that would be beginning of the end of maven, we will see. AWS SDK for Java version 1.0.8 was released. Lot’s of minor improvements. If you want to prepare for SCEA, that is article for you. Boise : Next Google’s purchase. UML refcardz #112.


Pedro Newsletter 20.08.2010

Now we can try try-with-resources statement on newest JDK7 build. Spring 3.0.4 was released. A lot of minor fixes as well as few libraries was upgraded to newer versions. Nice article to read: How Google could build a better social network. It may inspire you to start your own startup. Nice view on Functional Silver […]


Pedro Newsletter 19.08.2010

Riena goes to the Web through RAP. Nice explanation of ConcurrentHashMap. Why Clojure by Uncle Bob. Next IntelliJ IDEA 10 EAP was released. Top Agile Books by InfoQ. Most of the books are rather on code quality, but I think everyone should read them all.


Pedro Newsletter 18.08.2010

BBC Dimensions is really nice startup about comparing size of different size (eg. oil split on the place you choose) After a few years new version of Vim was released. Netbinox (Swing and Equinox). How to create PrimeFaces Theme. Free SVN Repositories list. Ruby 1.9.2 was released. AWS Start-Up challenge – that’s awesome! New Google […]


Pedro Newsletter 17.08.2010

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Snow Leopard Graphics update 1.0 was released. Scala trainings. Django Packages site. Google Calendar Sync now supports Outlook 2010. History of Chocolate … in a nutshell.


Pedro Newsletter 16.08.2010