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Pedro Newsletter 26.07.2010

Next post will be posted on 16.VIII.2010. Let’s vacation begin 🙂 Django Advanced model mapping techniques – if you are using django you have to watch that. If you think Erlang is not serious language to do web application. See Zotonic – Erlang CMS. Now XCode4 is available for all Developer Program members. Berkley Lab […]


Pedro Newsletter 23.07.2010

Maybe for Java – great article about NullPattern, for sure worth reading. Events notification – AlertGrid – it may be useful for you system. It is good to know that’s going on. Five Clouds providers (Salesforce, Google GAE, Rackspace, Amazon, Terremar) benchark. GEA + Roo quick startup example. 15 year kid put fake application which […]


Pedro Newsletter 22.07.2010

Book review by Marko – Agile Estimating and Planning. IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3 was released. JavaOne talk add – The next big JVM Language talk. Boomerang – JavaScript library for measuring performance from client side perspective.\ Javac regression testing. Grat Paul Graham article – must read if you have ideas.


Pedro Newsletter 21.07.2010

RichFaces are closer to JSF2, 4.0.0M1 was released. Jetpack presentation. Worried about Google Apps security watch seminar by two Google Apps client (MeadWestvaco, Boise State University). Why software startups decide to patent or not – survey discussion. Going to play basketball, seeya tomorrow.


Pedro Newsletter 20.07.2010

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New features in Google Buzz API. Worth reading. Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – free book from O’Railly. Apple MacPaint and QuickDraw source code donated to Computer History Museum. Google upgraded Google Images a lot of refreshed design, read the official post from Google. Apache new Board elected. Nice list of software […]


Pedro Newsletter 19.07.2010

Today I start with funny anti-Apple movie, now we should wait for Apple lovers response. Limits of Agile by InfoQ. Properties of good unit tests – check how many properties your test have. New version of PrimeFaces was released – as always plenty of components were added. Android 2D game engine – AndEngine. Good point […]


Pedro Newsletter 16.07.2010

Google and SpringSource are closer and closer. New SpringSource Tool Suite have additional support for Google stuff. Really cook – Practical Designer 1.3 preview. A lot of Scala libraries updates (as 2.8 is finally released). And of course there is a lot of buzz over that. Spring Roo now integrated with SpringDS (Flex), SpringSource post […]


Pedro Newsletter 15.07.2010

Finally GWT have much much better serialization support. Google translation toolkit, it works for wikipedia it should work for you also. Examples of Lambdas in Java (as current state of development). Great work it looks promising. Great iPhone App, now you can prepare for Euro 2012. Reduce Redundancy Storage – now accessible from AWS console. […]


Pedro Newsletter 14.07.2010

Yahoo Query Language in detailed article. Maven JavaFX compiler plugin 1.0b2 was released. Finally Scala 2.8.0 was released. Congratulations! 97 things every software architect should know is for free. Cassandra model cheat sheet. Top 10 Performance Problems, check it, probably your current problem is there. And one more cheat sheet – Clojure.


Pedro Newsletter 13.07.2010

From where the tetris blocks come from? CLR already gets tail recursion optimization, now I want that on JVM (probably Java 10 will have it 🙂 ). Google Apps Market gets more application build on top the standard of Google Apps, and that it is power of Cloud. Profiling application with VisualVM – really nice […]


Pedro Newsletter 12.07.2010

Spain won the championship so Jquery novice to ninja book is for free get it as soon as possible. If you like Vi editor there is second part of screen-cast on peepCode. Django-nomadblog – multi-blog and multi-user django plugin. Chrome and hudson. If you using hudson check out that extension. App Inventor for Android.That’s awesome! […]


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