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Thoughts with C&W

Sitting at the Hotel, jet lag woke me up, so I start reading articles from my “to be read” pile.

  1. Facebook’s Culture Problem May Be Fatal – The Conversation -> Bruce Nussbaum wrote article about problem with Facebook privacy, I totally agree with him, and currently I think about quiting Facebook. Worth to read how public is our private profile.
  2. Corpus Adamicum – BDD-style Testing For IPhone Projects -> Are you writing iPhone app, and you want to wrtite test for yours application, I know that it is hard, but maybe Cedar will help you with that. Here is iPhone project which is fully test driven with Cedar. Adam Milligan shows how he manage to do this by following some rules. Must read for iPhone developers. I have to look more deeply into Cedar and iPhone app unit tests as well.
  3. Realtime search for Hadoop – scalable log data management with hadoop part 3 -> Nice article about Lucene(finally they moved to Solr to get sharding for free) and Hadoop integration for large 30TB amount of log files storing and fast (2-3 seconds) quering. I found “reducing memory requirements” part really interesting, it will be helpful in future projects.
  4. Suspending Judgement -> very inspiring article about false judgements, how to avoid them, how this judgement influence our lives. Must read article.

Why C&W? It is easy. California has great Cheese & Wine.