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Pedro Newsletter 12.06.2010

Last day in SF, the great match will start in 2 hours so it would be celebration here I suppose.

  • Cloud Services Ruby gem is waiting.
  • Scala 2.8 is nearly done, RC4 was released.
  • If you are AOP fan and Ruby user, aspect4r 0.8.1 was released.
  • Google Videos – best practices.
  • It will be strange if there aren’t disappointments after WWDC, I would suggest, if you are disappointed go build great iPhone app, request new feature you need (Skype does that, Pandora does that and more) and what is important they got it.
  • Configuring CruiseControl for Ruby
  • Great articles for parents about caring about children while being online, I agree with some of “patterns” :).

See you in Poland.