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Pedro Newsletter 30.06.2010

Another post after javarsovia conference. Thanks for all. Google 3D view for books is available. Just add &edge=3d parameter and of course you have to have special glasses. Google Developer Days is near to you. Check schedule. Interesting presentation from javarosvia conference made by Wiktor. Google Apps Marketplace highlights 6/29/2010. Pretty awesome survey about the […]


Pedro Newsletter 29.06.2010

Amazon RDS now supports SSL. Clojure REPL project @GitHub. Rails Magazine Issue #6 (36 pages). Nice observation , so the question is, how many your code is open sourced now? Agile metrics and what usage of metrics we should avoid. JR language extends java to add concurrent programming – nice intro article by Baptiste Wicht. […]


Pedro Newsletter 28.06.2010

Javarsovia is over, and it was huge success. Some posts Javarsovia2010 (in Polish) and this is the end. iOS 4 user guide. Nice STM articles: object vs field granularity and encryption and security. Pay Mobile Libraries – nice library if you need payee functionality. Online shop in python LFS. It is on BSD license. Skype […]


Pedro Newsletter 25.06.2010

JAVARSOVIA 2010 is tomorrow !!!. Ubuntu as Django server – step by step. Xtext – language development framework. JVM Language Summit agenda was posted. We can view .doc attachment in the browser.


Pedro Newsletter 24.06.2010

Eclipse code snippets – how to detect that view was detached. Ruby hack on nil object. Another NoSQL solution – membase. Auto Resource Management pushed into JDK 7.


Pedro Newsletter 23.06.2010

More space in Gmail on iPad. Kirk Pepperdine interview (after Czech JUG presentation). Git reference. Google says “HTML 5”. Really nice knowledge about html5.


Pedro Newsletter 22.06.2010

Clojure is growing, that it is good news. PrimeFaces Theme Gallery. Google Voice is no available for every one. Vote for google “doodle”. Quite nice contextual Google Mail Gadget. It will display GitHub diffs, and btw it was written by Polish developer. 3 millions in 80 days. Yes it is iPad related news.


Pedro Newsletter 21.06.2010

Patterns for Cloud Computing – QCon Speech. Rapid Document Authoring Framework – Glyph – easy and simple. Extended drawing features in Google Apps Artifactory 2.4.4 was released. Google Command Line Tool. Javarsovia is closer and closer


Spring MVC Exception Handler

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In previous version of Spring Framework to handle exception we used HandlerExceptionResolver interface. Spring also provides simple implementations which was suitable in most of cases. Since 3.0 version we have few additional exception resolvers plus we can use annotation to specify our exception handler methods or classes without implementing HandleExceptionResolver interface. AnnotationMethodHandlerExceptionResolver (new in 3.0) […]

Pedro Newsletter 18.06.2010

Celtics lost :


Pedro Newsletter 17.06.2010

Today in fact Tomorrow game number 7th will being in two hours, I will see recap tomorrow. Go Celtics Go. WWDC 2010 video available for all registered developers. That’s great. RailsConf 2010 – Video interviews [part 1], [part 2], [David Hansson]. Android 3.0 (code name Gingerbread) will be user experience edition. Gmail attachements tips. Google […]


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