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Pedro Newsletter 31.05.2010

I’m back home, weather is not so excited, but I will survive 🙂 Quite dense article about OpenESB. Article covers all basics of JBI and OpenESB you should read this article. Density of smart people. Model Driven Software Development voting. Open JDK 7.0 for OSX Introduction to String Template project. JetBrains released PhpStorm 1.0– great […]


Pedro Newsletter 28.05.2010

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Last day at the Java Master Training, it was really nice training in gorgeous place. For example this is view from my room, and todays news. Google continues shoppings: Now they will acquire AdMob, so they are in mobile search. Want to squeeze more from Google Analytics, there is a book for that Ruby code […]


Pedro Newsletter 27.05.2010

Today Java has just turn 15 years. Happy Birth Day Java Google adds more migration opportunities (Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes) New major Fisheye and Crucible version was released. From my point of view aggregating function for EyeQL and Crucible Gadgets are huge step forward. Keep going Atlassian. Misco Hevery new article about dependency injection […]


Pedro Newsletter 22-26.05.2010

I’m on the training now, so the news are combined 🙂 BTW: Today is Mother’s Day, so best wishes for all Mothers, and of course my super special wishes for Gosia and Jasia. Google Chrome for Mac – now it is stable Dynamically loading javascript -> it is really useful If you interested in Java […]


Pedro Newsletter 21.05.2010

App Store affilate Program – want to make money, enhance app you should check that out Google I/O keynote day 2: part 1 , part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5. iPad dodocase – looks pretty cool.


Pedro Newsletter 17-18.05.2010

Dispora – the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network is raising rapidly, but is this Facebook cure? GTAC 2010 call for attendance and proposals has just started. Funny pictures as fake Apple response to Adobe ads, but in fact Apple respond in different way. Really nice Clojure presentation. YourKit Java Profiler […]


Pedro Newsletter 13-16.05.2010

Really brilliant response from Adobe to Apple. Open source solution to easily add in app settings to iPhone apps. Interview with IBM engineer about apache arise. UITableView explained with video. Steam on mac, that’s awesome. Common git usage explained. Google I/O is comming and probably Android 2.2 (Froyo) will be released, but there is also […]


Pedro Newsletter 20.05.2010

Google I/O keynote part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11 part 12. HTML5 application – darkroom – photo editing tool End of codecs war, thanks to google -> project webM. Here is first in-depth technical review. VirtualBox 3.2.0 was released. Spring Roo 1.1.0M1 was released – as we already know after Google […]


Pedro Newsletter 07-12.05.2010

Great mind mapping technic overview. Second IE 9.0 preview was delivered. SpringSource acquires GemSystem. Project Kenai is back. VirtualBox 3.2 second beta was released. This will be the first major release under Oracle. A lots of new features. Google starts teaching us about web security. Cloud Monitoring goes mobile once again I’m late :>. Some […]


Pedro Newsletter 19.05.2010

Google I/O predictions. Gmail contextual gadgets – available 4 all developers. One of the Javarsovia 2010 talk was accepted. Amazon S3 has great durability, and now if you don’t need such durability you can use REDUCED_REDUDANCY storage class for lower price, that’s awesome. See Werner Vogels blog post. Microsoft sued Salesforce for severals patents which […]


Pedro Newsletter 01-06.05.2010

Adobe gets help from Google. Video from Scala Days 2010. Logging levels explained, pretty good article series. New version of Sequel Pro was released. Improved exception handling with multi-catch and final rethrow will be part of an upcoming JDK 7 build. Interesting story about mocospace architecture. Free CouchDB book. The simplest JDK’s Date replacement library. […]


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