Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Pedro Newsletter 14-17.03.2010

  • You should bookmark that JSON visualizer. This tool helps you to better see JSON objects.
  • Google deployed fast pop up functionality so now we can use it more frequently. Pop up allows us to pop up inner window (eg. chat or email) as new browser window
  • Google released sputnik test runner, Sputnik is ECMA-262 conformance test suite (5000 tests), now you can run that tests on your current browser to see how compatible javascript implementation is there.
  • Atlassian has just posted „lesons learned story“ from google market place integration. Worth reading Part I and Part II
  • New version of ruby ecommerce platform – Spree
  • Google added support to microdata which is part of HTML5 specification, this allows sites to show additional structured information on rank page.
  • Google Earth simulator with iPhone app as control
  • The VMware executive blog recently announced the hiring of Salvatore Sanfilippo, the key developer for Redis, a NoSQL database (Key Value/Tuple Store). VMware believes Redis can help evolve their cloud and virtualization technologies. From Dzone
  • Sponsored by SpringSource, will provide a central point for the Tomcat community.
  • Amazon S3 versioning goes on production, with tools support.
  • Code in the Cloud“ book released.
  • First raport about Google Marketplace application. From OReilly
  • A lot of a magazines to read.
  • That’s great calendar gadget (Smart meeting reschedule) is now available. It allows you to reschedule meeting with no conflicts.
  • Java creator James Gosling assured developers that Java is in good hands with Oracle.
  • Ruby Best Practice book available for free
  • MonoDroid, is planning to release a preview in August, so we will see .NET on Android
  • NewEhcache 2.0main features (Write-behind, Easier configuration, JTA, Fast loading, Management).