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Galileo Galileo

Eclipse Galileo just have arrived. It is common that every product in newest version go to the top. Currently there is Eclipse Galileo, and nearly finished NetbeansIDE 6.7RC3 and InteliJ 9.0M1. As always this products comes with great new features for us developers. So I decided to go through new features and see what’s going on in Eclipse Galileo.

First at all Netbeans introduce integration with Project Kenai which is quite nice project hosting it really nice stuff. Both InteliJ and Netbeans has quite nice language support such as PHP, Ruby, Grovy. Also Maven support is better with each release. In fact Eclipse is based rather on plugins not released with standard edition as this plugins are more independent as core platform. InteliJ has quite nice Flex technology and what’s new come at last with OSGi support.

The most important feature in Galileo is Cocoa support both 32 and 64 bit with OpenGL it look really cool. We can use it for OSX application development. The second great in my opinion feature is that compare editor works now more like Java editor especially content assist is very useful. I’m code quality fun, so every new quality assurance feature is welcome. Currently compiler can detect when we do not have hashCode() method implemented when we overrideĀ  equals() method, also dead code detection is quite nice but unfortunately it still do not find such a code.

if (DEBUG) {
  deadCode(); // dead code due to DEBUG is set to false.

The minor improvement {@inheritDoc} tag which allows as to see javadoc from our and parent documentation comment. The most used rename refactoring now is in Quick Fix menu. Editor choosing from Open Resource dialog is also useful. JUnit was upgraded to 4.5 and Equinox implements a lot of feature of new OSGi R4.2 specification.

Oh and one more now we can compare word documents, great stuff for my boss :).

Finally try it, it worth to do this, and as always in few month another IDE became the better, competition is very good for us.