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AOSD – Part One

This year I choose as my conference 8th International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development it is rather no commercial conference, and now I know it’s for sure not commercial, probably I’m only one from industry, other fellows are from Universities and so on. It is amazing experience.

First the trip from New York to Charlottesville, was quite interesting, when I will be back home I will publish this trip. Then the first day, it was a lot of good talk, from time to time there was hard time (e.g. type systems), next we have discussion about Aspect Oriented adoption in industry. From this discussion I’ve got some great ideas to realize, we’ll see.

The first day I mainly participated in Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Languages workshop, probably the closest to my interests was Mohamed ElBendary from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee paper presentation.  The most impressive person from my point of view was Mehmet Akşit from University of Twente. It gives quite nice talk about history of programming, and he has so many papers that I will spend another year to try to read them all. We’ve finished with Open session leaded by Shmuel Katz from Technion–Israel Institute of Technology.

The second day I had hard choose between Workshop on Early Aspects and 4th Domain-Specific Aspect Languages Workshop and finally I choose Early Aspects because it was more difficult so another workshop I will have occasion to read by myself.  I was right, it was hard, probably due to fact that I rather far from modeling and aspect there is some kind of magic for me.

So BPM with Aspect, Dependencies Graph and so on was hard. On the rescue  Mehmet comes with real application example for the Netherlands government. It was about traffic system, and Mehmet tells about it in details. It was worth to here this talk as we can teach from that that we should find crosscutting concerns on early stages of software development process, otherwise we don’t use the power of aspects.
And finally my time comes, Birds of a Feather with JBoss AOP. It was very good speech made by Kabir Khan
and Flavia Rainone from JBoss. They talk about details of JBoss AOP, about new features, plans and problems with new Microkernel based on OSGi. Currently JBoss AOP is the most advanced AOP implementation for day to day use. So you find more on this blog about it soon.
The conference have just started, but the level is still high, many papers and smart people. It is good to be here.