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AOSD Conference Day

The conference was started by Keynote. Paul Daugherty from Accenture talk about cost, and how they try to reduce it. 91 from top 100 companies are Accenture’s clients. They have consultants on every place in The Earth. He told that about 60% of cost goes to maintenance and keep live system. The solution is to use many different techniques as SOA architecture and Aspect Oriented Programming. Quite interesting and based on real example speech.
Next three papers was presented: Dependent Advice, Generic and Reflective Debugging Architecture and Expressive Scoping of Distributed AOP.  From my point of view the best of them was Generic and Reflective Debugging Architecture. Wouter has showed us problems when we must debugging system with aspect and where is the gap between program model and JVM TI. They write common aspect abstraction and it nearly ready for use. Great job.

After Lunch I went to Demo sessions. First demo was quite interesting made by Siemens. Product Lines  – features as aspects was about deliver features as crosscutting concerns implemented as aspects. Often our product is deliver to different client, and must get special features. Implementing this features as aspects can help us to keep product dependencies low and to deliver high quality software.
Next demo “Building a next generation digital news publishing” shows how introducing aspect helps to refactor and simplify code base. The problem was that news are deliver to different consumers (RSS, WWW, subscribers etc.) By using aspect they keep one source of news and many different consumers.

After break I saw demo “Druid – unexpected interaction detection”, it mangos the problem when introducing aspects can break other module tests. They make topological sort of modules and than executing junit tests, checking if something break if so, they provide special metadata. This metadata build graph about dependencies and unexpected interaction.  It may be used also to detects if every feature in module has it’s own test. The work is workable plugin for eclipse. The better integration between TDD and AOP. I talk with Andre Restivo and if you want to provide version for NetBeans or InteliJ feel free to contact with Andre. There is some kind of console magic so the plugin actually work only on Linux but should be no problem to port for OSX. There are some problems but you can download and try it now. I think that I will try to write port for InteliJ.

Last demo was funny, we have Frontend team which claims that Frontend will rule the Earth. Demo was about “AOSJ – aspect oriented programming framework for JavaScript” very interesting idea 🙂

The next day begin. Stay tuned.