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Long Time

I’m back.

Probably you think that I’m dead but it far from that. Rather I’ve got so many activities that I can’t manage writing about it on my blog. What’s a shame.

First at all in November I must finalize training. It was a lot of work to do, and preparing labs is very difficult task. The training was conducted in December and January, after that I’m very glad because we’ve got 5.24 note in 1-6 scale. Probably our note will be higher but on one of our training we have frustrated colleague with poor technology knowledge so he get nervous and he give us 2.5 note.

During this preparation, I was on JBoss Training. It was JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developers (JB261). It was in Amersfoort. It was one of the best training I’ve had. Maybe the reason was that was only four of us, so after this training participants and trainee is my freind, we have a lot of time to talk, to do extra exercises, it was great time. I have some thoughts about some post from this training.

Few days latter I went to Devoxx. It was quite good conference and we met there our friends so we had hard time, conference from morning to evening and than we tasted Belgium beers. Belgium beers are famous, if you like beer you should visit Belgium.

First Devoxx day I started with Brian Goetz with “From concurrent to parallel”. It was very nice but also hard topic. He talk about evolving concurrency API to support multi-core processors. The Brian’s wisdom is incredible. I’ve just get familiar with current concurrency API, but he is another step further. Next session I went to “Introduction to the SpringSource dm Server with Sam Brannen. It was nice talk but I went also to “How to hack and secure your java web application”, it was happened due to my involvement into security program in my company. Next session I’ve chosen “Envers” probably because Adam Warski is from Poland :). Due to training the next session was obvious, so I went on “What’s new in Spring Framework 3.0?” Arjen with Alef was talking about new features in Spring Framework, and where was a lots of questions about schedule sources and new spring license policy. The last slot I was in several session and probably JavaFX with applet out of the browser stay in my mind. There was one quickie about “MinuteProject” by Florian Adler. MinuteProject is generator tool. It can generate DAO operation to hibernate/jpa and even iBatis, after this we have a little discussion about MDA and such projects future.

Next day was harder than a day before, but I started with “Be smart!” with Ivar Jacobson. You probably know Jacobson, if not try to get know something about him. It was one of the best session at Devoxx 2008. It will be on so Be smart and watch it. Next session was about JavaFX and after first impression I was a disappointed, but it just version 1.0 we’ll see what happen. Finally there was my favorite session with Belgium beer from Atlassian. After that I took break with my friends and we went outside to discuss sessions. Than I went on two sessions about Seem and preventing bugs. The last was about Hibernate Performance Tuning it was quite interesting. This day was quite nice quickies, one about Atlassian Connector for InteliJ and what I didn’t know that this plugin is developed in Poland.

The last day was short so I with my friends went to Brussels, when we stay for a whole weekend.

Quite long post. I finish it here, because after Devoxx Christmas was came :).