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InteliJ Program

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Some time ago I agree to take participation in Banner Program. Now I’ve got JetBrains Banner on my sidebar, currently still pointing to ReSharper . I IntelliJ user but some time ago I get ReSharper. I’ve got two account that was merged. Currently I’ve got only one and wait for banner for InteliJ 8.

If you plan to buy IntelliJ Idea or ReSharper fill free to use my customer id (if you want), maybe I get T-shirt or even free IntelliJ personal license. Of course T-shirt is the thing I want the most because JetBrains participate in WJUG give away program, and every presenter gets it own IntelliJ license. Because of that I currently preparing something to get license for IntelliJ 8 :).



Jacek LaskowskiJacek Laskowski

I już się członowie warszawskiego juga nie mogą doczekać występów. Na kiedy zapisać Pana? 😉