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java spring config

There is a possibility to configure spring framework only in java. Yep no XML ;).

There is a project spring-java-config. This project aims to provide a way to configure spring without XML. To use it with maven you should add repository to your pom and dependency

  <name>Spring Milestone Repository</name>


One thing to mention is to setup java 5 compiler, because spring java config use annotation.


This config will provide as all the dependencies, we can start to configure our beans. The class which has bean configuration must be annotated by @Configuration annotation, and methods with @Bean annotation is equivalent to element. Resume : klas with @Configuration equals xml file with beans, and method with @Bean equals element.

config class

And the last thing is to use JavaConfigApplicationContext which accepts as constructor class annotated with @Configuration property. Below the main class.

main program

And this is basis, we can probably stop here but I provide some additional information. Depends on method visibility our bean is visible or not in the context.

  • The standard set of *Aware interfaces are supported.
  • You can use scopes, autowire and others features known from xml configuration
  • @Import is equivalent of xml’s <import>, and JavaConfigApplicationContext accepts more than one class as constructor parameter.
  • For web application we can use JavaConfigWebApplicationContext

I’m still watching the future of the project. Stay tuned 😉