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java spring config

There is a possibility to configure spring framework only in java. Yep no XML ;). There is a project spring-java-config. This project aims to provide a way to configure spring without XML. To use it with maven you should add repository to your pom and dependency <repository> <id>spring-milestone</id> <name>Spring Milestone Repository</name> <url></url> </repository> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.javaconfig</groupId> […]

Springframework and Hibernate Training

I’ve just agreed with my boss to conduct training. The training will be provided by myself. Here is brief outline of the training. If you have some suggestion, I will be very obligated. * Spring IoC Introduction Resource Abstraction Bean Lifecycles Lifecycle callbacks Lab 1 Factory Bean Method Injection Alternative Injection Strategies Lab 2 Bean […]


RunWith helps JUnit

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When we want to test with Junit4 we can spot some problems. Firstly I thought that this is a maven-surefire-plugin problem, but as I dig into, the problem shows in JUnit runner. We track this problem on simple example. We create simple project. $ mvn archetype:generate We move to the project and we run test […]