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Eclipse Ganymede is coming

Some time ago I write about next Eclipse version called Ganymede. Also some time ago I have switched to Mac and InteliJ IDEA. The reasons was that eclipse has poor dynamic languages support and also SWT was far from native cooperation with Mac Cocoa. First at all I read all of new features eclipse will […]


Little Snitch

On my Mac I’ve got firewall so I should fill secure. But as we know there are so much application which sends data from our computer thought firewall. I found very nice application called “Little Snitch“. It’s cost just 29.95$ and you can evaluate it for free, there is only one problem application stops every […]


Java Specification – chapter three

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I’ve just started to read Java Specification, and I suggest every java programmer should read it. I try to write some interesting facts in this post and future posts. In first two chapter I didn’t found anything interesting. I almost pass over chapter three, but fortunately I found some interesting information on the first page. […]


JPA vs Hibernate

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As already everyone of you know, when you google “jpa vs hibernate” you find so much articles which of them are better. In our company we investigate which orm is better. First at all, both ORMs now use xml mappings and annotations, deployer can override all of the properties, in jpa it is more convenient […]


Decorators by Python

Lately, I’m using Django. So I also learn Python. And I found that python is very clean and nice language. As we know Python allows that function can also be a parameter to another function. So code similar to this is ok. def decorator(fun): print fun.__name__ def my_fun(): print “hello world” decorator(my_fun) But Python provides […]