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SD West – the begining

Due to our time, I will be describing SD West from the past perspective. California is great place to be, we sow so much vineries and of course Golden Gate. Than we move to sierra nevada near Lake Tahoe. One fact : The State of California (the size is similar to Poland) can be supplied for 5 years by the water drying from this lake. Than we were riding through mountains to Santa Clara. We saw nice views, so much snow. Great journey.

Next I bought my dreamed MacBook Pro machine. And so far I’m very glad of it. So this post is from my new machine.

So the first day on SD West was short, we’ve see some of the Expo and a keynote “Is Agile Really Working for You?” It was some sort of nice speech. Than we are in Intel museum, and what’s funny that all places are prepared to came with kids.

One thing to mention is Monterey Aquarium, the must see from my perspective.

Ok the next day was intensive one. First of all I went for “Clean Code:Ruby” and it was good choice. Robert Martin is great speaker. He was full of energy, and he made great speech.

Next I go for Johanna Rothman “Guerilla Agile: Stop Playing Schedule Games”. The Johanna’s experience was huge, She talks about many different situation, and what to do. So many examples, so much knowledge, hopefully there was a rest due to lunch meeting.

And finally the last presentation Jeremy Manson and Paul Tyma about “Java Performance Myths”. They pointed out some myths about performance. This was good technical presentation.

So far so good, there are two more days to describe in air view. And than I will write about few of this session in details.

See you.