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SD West – last day

The last day was little bit dull. I think because it was last day and mans was going to flights , and it was sad. First speech was “Aspect-Oriented Design and Programing in Ruby” by Dean Wampler. He creates and manages AOP ruby project called Aquarium. He shown a lot of code, and by examples of rails he shown how aspect oriented design may help even when language has enough power (meta programing). It was really interesting very advanced topic and I’m going to investigate it.

Next talk was hard to choose, in last minute as continuous working group member I decided to see “Automating Builds: Brining Quality and Testing Forward” by Zach Nies. He is co-author of very nice blog about agile methodology “theagileblog”. It was a quite good presentation.

And Ladies and Gentlemans the best of the best speech was a lunch keynote “Dances with Robots” by James McLurkin. What can I say, it was stunning presentation. Everyone after that presentation goes to Lego store to buy some Mind-Storms. James personality is so cute and pleasant. I can not describe this session even in 1 percent, so I suggest you go to James homepage and read it and if you had opportunity to see him life go there, you will be applaud. BTW the first question was “how can I start to do something like this?”.

I’m java developer so next two session was java path. First of them was “Memory Leaks in Java Applications: Different Tools for Different Types of Leaks” by Greg Sporar. With help of sample application Greg shown us different types of leaks and how to hunt them easy and quickly, good technical presentation.

The last one “Programing in Hadoop” by Owen O’Malley. He described as map-reduce algorithm, which is implemented in hadoop. He shown us some bad example when not properly used map-reduce can kill network or machines. The numbers Owen was talking about was impressive over 1000 nodes compute over 100TB data.

After that we went to see Golden Gate and by the way we go to Google campus, Roche in Paulo Alto. The roche division is next to XEROX and some others well known for IT guys companies. And of course we can’t finished in other way as going to Apple Computer Inc headquarter One Infinite Loop street in Cupertino.

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